Corporate Video Production: How To Unlock Their Full Potential

Koushik Marka
June 20, 2019

There’s no getting around it - Corporate Video Production has become crucial to the marketing of any business organization.

Today, 91% of marketing executives consider video an important part of their business marketing strategy. 

Owing to the increased engagement offered by videos, they have seen a meteoric rise in consumer demand.

According to a study by Wyzowl, 87% of consumers would like to see more video from brands in 2019.

There are various kinds of videos that a company can use for its daily operations.

From videos aimed at building consumer trust to productions designed to train employees, corporate video production comes in various shapes and sizes.

As a business executive, you need to understand the full potential of each kind of corporate video content before you start employing them in your marketing strategy.

This article is going to tell you everything you need to know about your video’s capabilities before you approach a corporate video production company with a new project.

The True Potential Of Corporate Video Production

Take this safety briefing video by Air New Zealand for example:

With some great creativity, the airline added magic to boring, monotonous in-flight safety videos - Literally.

Air New Zealand saw increased engagement during safety briefings with passengers watching in rapt attention.

But the video also achieved another goal - increased brand awareness.

Their interesting take on safety briefings earned the airline a massive 12 million Youtube views.

With the production of this video, Air New Zealand successfully engaged millions of viewers, giving them information that could very well save their lives one day.

This is a good example of a business video production that achieves its full potential.

A good understanding of a corporate video’s capabilities are going to help you achieve multiple purposes with the same video.

Let’s take a look at how you can maximize the results from your next video production.

Best Types Of Corporate Videos

We’re going to take a look at the types of Corporate Video content and show you how each one can be used to achieve multiple goals.

1. Product Videos

As a business, the products or services you have to offer are going to be different from the competition.

They each have unique features that make them stand out from the crowd.

You need to be prepared to showcase these features to pique the client’s interest.

You need to convince your clients that the service you offer is going to make their lives easier for them to start using it.

With the attention span of the average individual decreasing by the day, businesses have turned to explainer videos, product demos, and other promotional video content to get the message across to the client in an effective way.

We made an explainer video for Xiaomi’s latest AirPOP masks - masks that filter the air around you, ensuring that the air you breathe is clean and pollution free.

Videos like these are a great way to attract new customers who weren’t aware of your product.

We started with the problem statement to ensure even first-time viewers become aware of the problem they face but choose to ignore.

With a clear narrative and eye-catching visuals, you can show potential customers how essential your product is and how it can improve their lives considerably.

2. Customer Testimonials

For any corporate deal to fall through, the opposite party needs to be convinced that the promises you make are genuine.

A customer testimonial featuring your previous client should do the trick here.

The CEO or a board member of a prestigious company heaping praise on your business is enough motivation for anyone to be interested in you.

The power of these corporate video production lie in their authenticity.

They show the viewer the face of the people who are giving the review, causing an emotional attachment that builds trust in what the person is saying about the product or service.

In simpler terms, a client is always going to trust the recommendation of other clients over the word of the brand.

It’s human nature.

Customer testimonials are generally intended for use in the decision stage of the sales funnel.

They’re created to convince an interested client that purchasing the product is the right decision.

But there’s so much more that they can do!

This testimonial for Oracle MCX by Taylormade is a great example of a customer testimonial for a B2B product.

It shows prospective clients how the software made the lives of the Taylormade executives easier and gives them a clear understanding of the product.

3. Customer Support Videos

With a wide array of products to your name, your corporation is no doubt going to be bombarded with questions on each product.

Many of these come from existing customers who want to know how to use their product to the full potential.

It’s impossible for a business to handle each customer and address their queries individually.

This is where the Customer Support Video comes in.

This corporate video production is meant to help existing customers use the full capability of their new product.

They answer FAQs and explain the product’s features to the viewer.

Check out this iPhone video from Apple Support :

This support video by Apple shows customers a simple way of transferring data from their Android phones to their iPhone.

However, it’s great for promoting your product to newer audiences.

A lot of Android users may have wanted to buy an iPhone a long time ago.

But the idea of a long, drawn out data transfer process stopped them from doing so.

With this corporate video production, Apple effectively sets those fears to rest, showing Android users how easy the transfer process is, convincing them to make the change.

4. Training Videos 

Every business is built on some ideas and practices that dictate the way the company functions.

These ideals are what makes the company different from the competition.

Every individual who works for your business represents it to the public.

But with thousands of employees working in your organization, how do you ensure that they carry themselves in a manner that is agreeable to the company’s values?

That’s why training videos are such important part of corporate video production.

With these videos, you can teach literally any employee in any department the ins and outs of their position.

You can train them in the right way to handle a client, the manner in which they must represent themselves and the ethics of the workplace.

Bring them up to speed on the latest skills and industry practices that they need to increase productivity.

Brief your employees on safety measures if they work in dangerous environments and tell them what to do in the event of a life-threatening situation.

Now, while the target audience is usually employees, corporate training videos have a much larger scope.

These types of corporate videos are great for giving the consumer an insight into the workings of the organization.

It gives the company a more transparent image, helping build consumer trust.

And it doesn’t stop there.

A training video is a great way to attract new employees by showing them that you appreciate the value they add to your organization.

The staff at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas are taught safety practices with an interesting animated video that for some reason includes zombies:

Burger King took their training video a step further by calling in a familiar face to help:

That’s right.

They roped in Snoop Dogg for their training video.

This is obviously going to attract a lot more new employees.

5. Internal Communications

Behind every successful company is a talented and committed workforce.

Your employees are your organization’s crown jewels, and the hard work they put in deserves to be acknowledged.

They need to know what vision they are helping accomplish so that they can put in their best.

But with the sheer size of a corporation and the thousands of employees that work there, it’s impossible to reach out to each and every individual.

This is where Corporate Video Production like CEO messages come into play.

They’re great morale boosters, acknowledging the value that each employee has added to the company.

They equate the success of the organization to the work put in by the employees, adding value to their work and pushing them to keep up the amazing work.

But these corporate videos also work as great marketing tools.

They highlight company milestones and spread brand awareness among consumers.

Before he retired in 2019, Dr. Dieter Zetsche would commission year-end videos to thank his employees for their efforts - personally.

This is just one of the former Daimler Chairman’s annual messages.

The video adds emotional value to the work that the employees do, showing them that the company is closer to it’s vision because of them.

It motivates them to do better in the coming year.

At the same time, it’s an interesting insight into the company’s accomplishments and a great way to understand it’s future goals.

It’s a video that’ll bring customers emotionally closer to the company.

6. Live Event Coverage

There comes a time in every business organization where the company tries to increase its brand awareness by holding an event.

It could be a product launch, an awareness drive or a corporate conference to showcase your industrial expertise.

These events are golden opportunities to engage the audience and bring them closer to the organization.

So why not take an extra step and live stream it to the world?

With platforms like Facebook Live, Instagram Live and Twitter’s periscope, you can broadcast your event to consumers and investors around the world - giving them a chance to be a part of your event.

7. Webinars

The investment and logistics for a full-fledged corporate event can at times be a problem.

Companies may hesitate from holding these conferences due to the costs.

That’s why a lot of brands have turned to corporate video production like webinars as a solution.

Webinars are a great way for B2B companies and Saas platforms to reach out to their community. 

Viewers all over the world can attend these webinars from their devices and watch as the speaker shares their industrial expertise and explains the latest trends.

Moreover, putting a face on the brand gives the one-on-one interaction of a webinar a more personal feel.

This allows you to create stronger business relationships in a really affordable way.


8. Commercial Videos

This is the most obvious form of corporate video content.

Whether for the traditional television broadcast or for an online campaign, commercials and other promotional video content are targeted at consumers to increase awareness either about a new product or the brand as a whole. 

They rely on good storytelling and stunning visuals to catch consumers’ attention.

An Old Spice commercial is a great example of an effective commercial.

With over-the-top visuals and a thoroughly hilarious concept, the old spice man becomes iconic - making the commercial, and indeed, the brand memorable.

9. Industrial Videos

At times, a company may want to market its products and services to key industrial players rather than the general public.

This is especially the case for B2B and Saas companies.

In these cases, corporations employ industrial videos, targeted at audiences within a specific industry.

These videos are more technical and formal as compared to commercials for the general public.

They showcase the organization’s expertise and convince businesses of the benefits of their product.

Wrapping it up

The importance of corporate video production in a company’s marketing strategy can no longer be ignored.

With 74% of traditional marketers saying they will transition to video in 2019, the whole industry is set to start using videos as a marketing tool.

Now that you have an in-depth understanding of corporate video production, you can start implementing them in your marketing strategies.

Always understand the goal you wish to achieve before you approach the production team or a corporate video company to create a video.

After all, the video vendor is producing the video for YOUR corporation.

Are you looking to create a live-action commercial to enthrall consumers and spread brand awareness?

Or are you looking for an animated video that will explain your product to your clients?

If it’s the latter, be sure to check out our portfolio

At Studiotale we provide quality animated corporate video production services that are guaranteed to help you achieve your targets.

If you’re looking for more marketing insights, check out our marketing blog - VideoHub

We’re always adding quality content about the latest trends and practices in the marketing world.

Koushik Marka

Founder @ Studiotale. He is passionate about helping brands grow with video and has expertise in video marketing & 2D animation. When he is not working, he loves playing video games and traveling.


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