The 10 Best Explainer Videos of All Time (That are Super Effective)

Looking to create a stellar explainer video for your business? Here are some of the top explainer videos out there for some creative inspiration!

Explainer videos are one of the most effective types of video marketing for brands. Why? Because they let you communicate your product or service and its benefits in a short and engaging way. 

Explainer videos are super popular, and  95% of customers report watching them learn more about a product or service. Even business owners love them, and 64% say that they help boost sales significantly. So really — you need to be making stellar explainer videos to up your brand’s video marketing game. 

But if you’re asking yourself: What are the best explainer videos ever? You might think of famous hits like Dollar Shave Club’s video with 26 million views, for example. But the reality is, great explainer videos don’t have a one size fits all formula. Different formats, techniques and concepts work well for brands in different industries. 

In this article, we’re going to give you a list of the BEST business explainer videos out there. You’re guaranteed to find something that’ll help you get your creative juices flowing. And who knows, one of these examples could even inspire your next explainer video! 

So let’s get started.

Sidenote: Are you looking to learn about the explainer video creation process? Here’s a detailed guide!

We’re sure you would’ve come across many explainer videos. However, we aren’t sure if you’ve watched the best ones. Hence, we’ve created a list of the top 10.

1. Headspace

Type: Character Animation Explainer Video

Headspace’s is a perfect example of a brand that uses playful humor and animation to capture its audience. This explainer video shows cute and colorful animated characters that you can relate to, right from the get-go.

We love that the visual’s are simple, yet they manage to showcase the app’s functionality and uses. Also, the voiceover is super crisp and soothing — it’s a mindfulness app, after all. 

Headspace does a great job of showcasing its app in an organic way rather than coming off like a hard sell. This is super important for any explainer video because it actually makes the viewer want to watch. 

We also love that the storyline is quirky and relatable and truly caters to a wide target audience, regardless of age. If you’re a B2C business looking to up your explainer video game, this video can serve as great inspiration. It shows how a little creativity can go a long way and help you really connect with your audience.

2. Google Calendar

Type: Motion Graphics Animation Video

This explainer video by Google calendar is both, simple and beautiful. It showcases a smartphone display that features the app’s interface, so viewers know exactly what the user experience looks like.

It also proves that great explainer videos don’t necessarily need long and overcomplicated narration. This video script is short — like really short. But it gets the job done and highlights all the functional features of the app. 

We love that the video is relatable and shows that pretty much anyone can benefit from the product. From logging travel reminders and museum visits to apple picking, this video shows that Google calendars can do it.

Essentially, it conveys how the software can simplify any viewer’s life and add value — which customers love! 

This format is great if you want to highlight your product screen while showcasing real-time scenarios and applications. This allows you to connect with your audience and really give them an idea of how they can use your product.

3. Atoka

Type: Animated Explainer Video

This video by Atoka uses visuals and narration to show exactly how the product can benefit the target audience. How does it do it? By following a fool-proof problem-solution approach, of course! 

The video starts off by introducing a data mining problem using minimalist style and simple characters. Accompanied by the voiceover, it then presents the solution — Atoka.

It demonstrates what it does and how using comprehensible visuals so it’s super easy to understand. Also, the uniform color palette increases brand recall and contributes to consistent branding! 

What we love most about this video is that it’s really practical and watchable. It simplifies complex concepts so that they’re digestible and really easy to follow. It serves as great inspiration for brands looking to make B2B and SaaS explainer videos.

4. Zendesk

Type: Live Action Explainer Video

For those with a slightly higher budget, this video by Zendesk can be a great inspiration. It’s a stunning combination of live action, motion graphics, and real products. Real people add a human touch to this video, while the graphics and product create a storyline and engage the audience.

This video essentially demonstrates what Zendesk is all about by highlighting the range of features it offers. It uses motion graphics and screencasts to show the product interface and user experience, as well as its capabilities. 

We also love that it showcases a bunch of different perspectives —  support executives, managers and even customers. They recreate relatable scenarios by replicating the exact personas of Zendesk’s clients. This allows customers to relate to the video so they can see themselves using the product. 

From addressing queries to quality checks and data analysis, the 90-second video covers it all. It follows a format that’s great for SaaS or B2B explainer videos.

5. Mesosphere

Type: Isometric Animation Video

This is a perfect example of explainer video animation done right. Isometric animations, crisp visuals, and seamless motion graphics immediately fill your screen when you start the video. 

They come together beautifully to tell a story and explain Mesosphere’s software product to viewers. Animations like these can be great to simplify otherwise complicated concepts and make them digestible for a larger audience.

We love that the voiceover is clear and complements the video by explaining how the product works. Also, the background music is fun and doesn’t distract from the main message. 

This video is especially effective because it also follows a problem-solution structure. It introduces a common issue faced by potential customers, immediately hooking viewers. Then it shows them how their product can help solve these consumer pain points. It’s a foolproof approach, honestly. 

This format can work great for brands in cloud computing or AI machine learning. Essentially, it’s great if you want to convey an otherwise complex message in a simple and engaging way.

6. Asana

Type: Character Animation Video

Asana’s quirky and colorful video is an example of one of the best-animated explainer videos out there. 

Rather than using original product screens, Asana introduces their product’s new feature using an animated mockup. This allows them to zoom in on the new “Timeline” feature of their product in a simplified manner. 

With bright, vivid colors and beautifully designed characters, this video catches the viewer’s attention immediately. It features smooth transitions, making the user experience seamless and easy to watch. The voiceover is crisp and complements the visuals really well, making them stand out even more. 

Asana proves that B2B and SaaS explainer videos don’t necessarily have to be boring. In fact, this video is effective because it’s quirky and fun. It demonstrates the functionality of Asana’s product in a way that’s entertaining while highlighting its features.

A format like this can work great for brands looking to launch and highlight a new feature of an existing product.

7. Slack

Type: Screencast Animation Explainer Video

Who says you need high budget video production or an expensive graphic designer to make an explainer video? 

This is a great example of a high-quality explainer video made by screen recording and presenting the app in action. It does a great job at using video content and a voiceover to tell its viewers what the app can do. The visuals match the audio and demonstrate exactly what the user experience looks like as the narrator speaks.

We particularly love how the video is an explainer and demo at the same time. It tells the viewer what the app does AND shows them exactly how to do it. With quirky commentary, the video is relatable for its target audience. This helps it stand out and truly makes the viewer feel like Slack would be a good fit for their team.

8. Coin

Type: Live Action Explainer Video

Live action videos are one of the best ways to add a human touch and relatability to your explainer videos. Take this funny and straightforward live action explainer video by Coin, for example. This video stands out because it shows real-time use-cases of the product as a testimonial of what it can do. 

It also has quirky and upbeat background music, which grabs the audience’s attention from the very beginning. In addition, the video covers pretty much everything there is to know about the product in such a short time.

This gives the viewer’s a holistic view of the product: its applications, uses, and even security features. Of course, it ends with a memorable punchline that sums up the product and video: “one coin for all your cards.”  

A video like this can serve as great inspiration for brands making hardware products, especially with the exponential growth of IoTs. 

9. Nextdoor

Type: Character Animation App Explainer Video

Marketing a B2C app and looking for a way to make your video cute and quirky? Nextdoor can provide some great inspiration for one of the best app explainer videos out there. 

We love how it uses line style animation to tell a story that looks like a storyboard come to life. With subtle colors and simple design, it’s a delight to watch and super easy to follow. Also, the voiceover is smooth and corresponds well with the visuals as they move. 

This video is proof that you don’t necessarily need complex visuals to create a beautiful explainer video for an app. We also love that it presents a bunch of different scenarios and applications of the product.

From borrowing a ladder to looking for a plumber, this video targets a huge audience and shows lots of different use cases.

10. Adobe CMO

Type: Motion Graphics Animation Explainer Video

Concept-driven explainer videos can be super effective for brands looking to market a B2B product or service. This one by CMO uses clever and stunning visuals that coincide well with narration to tell its audience a story.

There are smooth transitions and a cohesive structure that depict the product’s capabilities and why the viewer should use it. 

Creating an explainer video like this takes a lot of creativity. But CMO does an excellent job at conveying an otherwise mundane concept in a fun and innovative way.

Rather than using a traditional video with product screens, Adobe CMO’s explainer video takes a rather bold approach. It’s a great example of a brand explaining an otherwise complex B2B concept in a conceptual and creative way. It also has a touch of humor, which makes it all the more enjoyable for the viewer to watch.

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