The Best Explainer Videos You Can’t Miss!

Looking for a list of the best explainer videos for some creative inspiration? Then, look no further! In…

Looking for a list of the best explainer videos for some creative inspiration? Then, look no further!

In this article, we’ve created a list of great explainer videos. These are divided into the following categories- Tech, Finance, Mobile Apps, Hardware or IOT Products, SaaS and Healthcare.

We’ll constantly update this page with the latest and best explainer videos that can’t be missed. So, go ahead and bookmark this page!

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Top 10 Explainer Videos

We’re sure you would’ve come across many explainer videos. However, we aren’t sure if you’ve watched the best ones. Hence, we’ve created a list of the top 10.

1. Headspace

Headspace’s video uses unique 2D characters and light humor to perfectly explain the idea of guided meditation. Moreover, the sound effects make it engaging. It does a great job of guiding you on how to use the app.

Character Animation Explainer Video

2. Slack

This video uses 2D motion graphics animation cleverly to discuss Slack’s features. A straightforward storyline and pleasant background music make it engaging. It smartly uses elements & colors from the logo.

Motion Graphics Animation Video

3. Atoka

This 2D explainer video uses a minimalist character design and creative animation to explain what Atoka does. The problem-solution approach and video illustration simplify the message and hit the right chord with the audience.

Animated Explainer Video

4. Zendesk

This video combines live action, motion graphics, and real product screens to explain what Zendesk is all about. Refreshing background music and a simple storyline make this video engaging.

Live Action Explainer Video

5. Mesosphere

This isometric animated video for Mesosphere uses simple object animation, a clear storyline, and subtle colors to discuss the product. It’s a perfect adaptation for web-based products/services such as cloud computing, and blockchain networks.

Isometric Animation Video

6. Asana

This animated video uses attractive gradient color designs and characters, and a simple storyline. With smooth transitions and cute animated characters, this video provides all the right reasons to use Asana.

Character Animation Video

7. Slack

This screencast video efficiently describes the working of Slack in detail. The smooth flowing narrative, playful background score and screen transitions make this video engaging. Hence, it’s one of the best demo videos to date.

Screencast Animation Explainer Video

8. Coin

Coin’s video stands out by demonstrating its real-time use cases. Using a problem-solution approach, it discusses the features of the product effectively. This style is best to describe IOTs or hardware products.

Live Action Explainer Video

9. Nextdoor

This animated video uses a line style and simple script to describe the features of Nextdoor. The minimalist design makes it look like a moving storyboard with colors. The simplicity of this video style makes it a popular choice for homepage and app videos.

Character Animation App Explainer Video

10. Adobe CMO

CMO’s animated video is concept-driven and engaging. What makes it so engaging is the brilliant narrative and smooth transitions used to describe the benefits. When you want to be creative in your approach to explain your product/service, you can use this style.

Motion Graphics Animation Explainer Video


How can you stay unique in the field of ever-growing technological innovations? You can take the help of animated videos to show your technical expertise. Here are a few innovative animation videos by businesses who believe in changing the world with technology. These are sure to give you explainer video ideas for your tech product/service!

SaaS / Software

How do you make prospects interested in your SaaS business? An animated video is a great way to demonstrate the ease of using your software service. Check out this list of the best explainer videos to know how!


Financial businesses can be a little technical to make sense of. However, some great videos have the capacity to simplify these concepts. So, we have listed a few of the best business animation videos focusing on financial companies.

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are the future. Thus, you cannot neglect the ease they have brought to our lives. Make your mobile application more accessible using an explainer video. Check out this list of using great videos for promotion and demo purposes.


Are you planning to launch a new product? Need inspiration? Scroll through some of the best product explainer videos! These are some of the best explainer videos which very efficiently describe the benefits of using the product on display.

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What is the best way to explain healthcare services? You can provide clarity for any healthcare service with a good explainer video. Browse through this curated list of best explainer videos for healthcare firms.

So, there you go! Those were the top explainer videos rounded up for you in different categories. Let us know which explainer video was your favorite in the comments section.

Take a look at our best works here. If you’re looking to make an explainer video for your brand/startup, we’re always at your reach. Check out why we do what we do and contact us to get your explainer video done right!

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