14 Best Product Demo Videos To Get Inspired From

The best product demo videos provide a clear, effective tutorial on how to use a product. Check out this curated list of the best product demo videos for inspiration to make your own!

If we look at some basic statistics, brands that use video marketing are known to enjoy 49% increased revenue than brands that don’t. Moreover, 80% of consumers believe that demonstration videos are helpful when making purchases. This data proves that product demo videos WORK!

Product demo videos are essentially videos that explain in detail just how a product works. They include engaging dialogues to highlight all the advantages and keep viewers engaged.

They also showcase professionalism and have a strong relatability without being stuffy. Product demo videos can be used to onboard new users or train new employees.

If you have been looking for the best product demo videos for inspiration, here is a list you’d love.

1. Slack

If you have ever used Slack, you know how amazing it is. But the way in which the developers have demonstrated the features of this software is even more amazing. It takes viewers on a step-by-step journey of the platform and gives a clear tutorial of all its functions.

It makes use of attractive dialogue and easy-going narration to get the message across to them. This is one of the best product demo videos if you are launching mobile apps or websites. Also, it is also one of the best startup demo videos.

2. Superset

The Superset video is another one of those best product demo videos that accomplish “more with less.” It starts with precisely highlighting the problems faced by individuals vis-à-vis campus placements. Then, it smartly presents the solution in the form of Superset.

It uses animation and screen recordings to get the message across. Also, it shows exactly how placement cells, recruiters and students can benefit from a single platform. This is the best product demo videos example for B2B companies.

3. Google Translate

This Google Translate video can easily be regarded as one of the best product demo videos due to its sheer ingenuity. It taps into the exact problems and inconveniences faced by chat app users on a daily basis.

After that, it comes up with the most clearly explained solution to get rid of them. The video is simple and effective. This style can be used by a variety of businesses, especially mobile apps of different niches.

4. Nightingale

This is a one-of-a-kind video that certainly demands attention on this best product demo videos list. This video showcases the features of a Smart Home Sleep System without narration and has pleasant background music. The best thing about this startup video is that it keeps the audiences engaged despite the absence of dialogue.

The animation is spot on, and the viewers can connect with the video because let’s face it! Who doesn’t crave a good night’s sleep? This video style is a great option for B2C companies.

5. Pipedrive

Pipedrive’s product video is pretty neat and shows the viewers exactly how to organize their sales with the tool. Like most other product videos’ focus, it taps into the pain points of sales executives.

Thereafter, it tells them how to make profitable sales by providing them the perfect solution in the form of Pipedrive. This software demo video is an excellent example of the best product demo videos that can help B2B companies.

6. PerformYard

You can also go for an out-of-the-box pitch-deck like demo video such as PerformYard. It aims to make performance management a breeze. This is one of those best product demo videos that aim to increase sales performance and improve marketing strategies.

The video is clean and precise, showing the product in action. Just what is needed to entice the audience! It can be adopted by B2B companies who are looking to increase conversions.

7. FridaBaby

Have you ever looked at one of those best product demo videos that are just too humorous not to be convincing? Well, the FridaBaby demo video is one such example. This video is witty and connects with parents on a very personal level.

Moreover, it sells the clever snot-sucking device in the best possible manner. Best of all, it relates to countless disgusted parents in the world. Effective, simple and funny! This video style can easily be used by B2C companies.

8. Hootsuite

The Hootsuite product demo video is another attractive example. It has everything a good product demo video should showcase- right from a clear narration and smooth transitions to engaging animation.

It explains exactly how to use HootSuite and shares everything related to the product that the viewers must be aware of. This kind of demo video is ideal for SaaS businesses.

9. Cubeit

Cubeit allows you to save, organize as well as share content from a multitude of apps all in one place. This product demo video sells it in a clear, effective way. This is one of the best product demo videos that do not distract the viewers and get to the point immediately.

The animations are attractive and capture our attention immediately. Simple keywords speak volumes instead of verbose sentences. This is the perfect tool for businesses with mobile applications that want to achieve more with less!

10. Square

Square’s video is one of the best product demo videos on this list. And why not? The intuitive illustrations combined with screen recordings, sound effects and a clear narration strike the right chord with the audience.

It offers a detailed tutorial of how to use the Square platform to send invoices and track payments effectively.  This is one of the best product demo video examples for B2B  companies.

11. Yesware – Send later

Yesware is an absolutely distinct demo video that is unique and functional at the same time. It brings into focus a delightful voice patiently helping the viewers with how exactly they can send them later when the time is right.

The approach is easygoing and impactful. SaaS businesses can benefit significantly from such demo videos.

12. Zendesk Answer Bot

This demo video of the Zendesk Answer Bot has been tailored to accommodate the questions of all customers. It aims to help them reliably and accurately. It showcases the perfect marriage of illustrations, screen recordings, and narration.

Furthermore, it takes the viewers through a chronological list of features of the product. This video style is perfect for B2B businesses.

13. Apple Card

If you have created an all-new product and wish to create curiosity among viewers, this demo video is excellent! Apple is already a phenomenon today. This Apple Card is a revolutionary new product designed to create a lot of hype amongst fans of the brand.

Furthermore, this demo video achieves in doing just that with transparency and simplicity. Just what you are looking for! Another good demo video example for B2C companies.

14. Todoist

Last but certainly not least is the product demo video of Todoist. This video uses illustrations and screen recordings to provide a tutorial of the platform. It is particularly impactful as it uses easy and assertive dialogues, effective narration and smooth transitions.

As a result, the message is delivered to the target audience effectively. This style of demo video can come in handy for B2B businesses.

Final Words

The best product demo videos offer step-by-step instructions effectively on how your target audience can use your product and benefit from it. Therefore, these videos are the perfect tools to educate new customers or alert the existing ones of an important product update.

This ultimate list of the best product demo videos can prove to be handy for all types of businesses. You can choose any one of the product demo video styles listed above that is most suitable for your business.

Platforms like Vidyard and Wistia are great options for recording your screen and video simultaneously to create demo videos. They will help you share your product with the world easily.

On the other hand, if you require assistance in creating a product demo video, feel free to set up a call with us.

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