How the magic happens

Curious about how we bring your ideas to life? The whole process spans 4~6 weeks. Let’s break it down for you.


Breaking the ice

We send you a detailed creative brief for you to fill. This is basically a short questionnaire that lets us understand you, your company and your project.

And that’s not all. We work best when we begin the project on the same page as you. So if there are some more details that you want to share with us – you can always call us, schedule a meet-up or stop by to discuss the project over drinks (preferably beer).

Success - Scripted

We begin with an idea. A concept that lets the viewers connect with your core message. This concept becomes the foundation for your video script.

With a little hocus-pocus, we translate the concept into a narrative that engages.

Doesn’t matter if you want your video to be conceptual, character-oriented or conversational – we build a narrative that’s centered around your requirements.



Now it’s time to visualise your one-of-a-kind video.
We begin drawing out a storyboard that captures your script, scene-by-scene.

These basic sketches illustrate (pun intended) how your video’s visuals accompany the voiceover with a detailed description of each scene.

This gives you a rough idea about how the finished product will unfold.

Visual style

With the storyboard approved, we begin designing a visual style that complements both your message and your brand’s design language.

Need it to be object-oriented? Character oriented? A little bit of both? Cool. We give you options to choose from with custom, full-color mages of your video’s frames in different visual styles.

Once you’ve picked the best look for your video, we apply the design language to every scene of your video, creating concept illustrations that show you the final look of your



Your video needs to speak to people. And to do that, it needs the perfect voiceover.

We maintain a curated list of some amazing voiceover artists. With a plethora of artists to choose from, your voiceover needs are taken care of – letting you communicate with
your audience more effectively.

Once you’ve picked the right artist, we begin recording with them and produce a voiceover that compliments your explainer video by design.


Oh, this is the best part. Our animators set to work putting your ideas into motion. This is where your designs really come to life.

Keeping your requirements in mind, our animators create a visual experience that truly marries the visual style of the video with your idea.

Once the first 30 seconds of your video has been rendered, we send it over to you to get your feedback. Once you give us the green light, we produce the remaining video to your preferences.


Sound Design

Your visuals are ready. But there’s one element that’s still missing – Audio.

We help you select a music score that translates the emotion of your explainer video.

We finish up by adding in the appropriate sound effects to make your video a truly immersive experience.


After undergoing multiple revisions and rethinks, all the elements of your video have finally come together.

We hit the render button and deliver to you a unique explainer video that is destined to engage your target audience.

Mission Accomplished!

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