Animation vs Live action Explainer Video – Which one is the best for your business?

Live action vs. animation is an eternal debate while choosing videos for your business. Check the pros and cons of live action and animation videos now.

Is live action or animation the best video style for your business? Years ago, the choice surely would have been simpler. But today, it is not and that is because we love Kungfu Panda as much as we love Karate Kid.

Isn’t it? As the ultimate battle between tea and coffee, cats and dogs, today live action vs. animation is a debated topic among video marketers.

Videos are the marketing ambassadors of today. Hence, before you set forth to make a video for your company, it is always important to make the right video choice.

There is, of course, no magical solution to decide whether live action or animation is better. Rather than choosing one randomly and having a mid-way crisis, it is best to weigh the good and bad of each.

In that case, there will be no turning back once your video production begins to take shape.

You’re not alone in this journey of figuring out whether live action or animation videos are better.

We have weighed down the pros and cons of each, what they do and how each avenue can serve your business video purpose.

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Live Action Videos

When we say live action videos, we are filming real people, products, and places either at an outdoor location, an indoor studio or any actual site. The realistic and human factor acts as a major highlight to live actions videos.

#Pros of Live Action Videos

1. There’s a human touch:

We’re all drawn into the presence of real human faces in a video. If you want your business to appear more human, there is undoubtedly no video that can beat live action.

They have an authoritative as well as reliable tone, and viewers can relate more to live action videos. This is because the scenes and emotions portrayed are real, and also by real people. This is something animation videos lack.

2. Your product is the highlight:

Chances are that you sell a tangible product. In that case, you might want to show how the product actually looks, how it can be used and what its benefits are. All these factors can be actually showed in live action videos.

Also, if you wish to show your customers how a process works in real life, live actions videos can give you a hand on that. It’s like you are introducing your product/service face to face.

3. Turn-around time is much faster:

Live action videos usually are produced faster than animation. With a well-executed plan about the scene, cast and location, shooting a live-action video is easier.

However, sometimes this might change and you might need more time if your video is a longer and more ambitious one. But in either case, the post-production and editing are quite faster for live action videos as compared to animation.

4. It’s best if your message is serious:

It is easier to incorporate the right tone and gravity in live actions videos that serious issues demand.

If you are addressing a non-profit, a public issue or a rather serious product/service, live actions videos can outdo animation in terms of emotionally influencing the viewer.

#Cons of Live Action Videos

1. It can get costlier:

Live actions videos are more expensive because of the involvement of a location, real cast, properties, cameraman, etc. The more reputable and high quality you want your video to be, the more expensive it can get.

2. Revision is a nightmare:

Once your live-action filming is done, it’s done for the good. Redoing the shots, changing the location or bringing changes to the cast is next to impossible. It also becomes very time consuming as well as costly.

It’s always best to move forward with a proper plan when you have decided to shoot a live action video. No matter if your camera breaks or it rains, avoid any chances of you having to reshoot the video.

3. Not everything is possible:

If you want a superhero to run around with fire on their feet, live action is not what you want. That is, there is a limit to what you can do.

Everything that you imagine cannot come into action in live action videos. You have to also consider the resources that are available to you, and what is practical.

Animation Videos

Animation videos use the art of drawing sketches, illustrations and scenes and later showcase them in a series of frames inducing life and movement to these drawings. They have boundless imagination and creativity involved.

#Pros of Animation Videos

1. Your imagination is the limit:

Unlike in live action, if you want zombies chasing your product in an animation video, even that is also possible.

Whether you want it funny, emotional, formal or anything that you want to create, animation can do it for you.

Unique colors, characters, visual transitions, metaphors are all easy peasy to create in animation videos.

2. Unlimited revisions:

With complete creative control over your animated masterpiece, making minute or major changes to your character, scene or color palette is not difficult.

Be it at the beginning, or the very end of your animation process, alterations and iterations are not a strenuous thing if it is for the betterment of the video quality.

3. Simplify complex abstract ideas:

Remember how live action helps in showing hardware products. Similarly, animation videos are best to show any complex idea in a simple manner.

No matter how abstract your business concept is, or how tricky your service is, animation videos can simplify it in a finger snap.

4. Your cost-friendly pal:

Contrary to live action videos, animation videos are cheaper to produce. However, as per the number of revisions, duration and complexity of the project, the rates may get higher. But, they are much more economical than other video types.

#Cons of Animation Videos

1. Longer production time:

Animation videos are built on a computer screen, and it has to be built from scratch. From the stage of concept development to final delivery, there is a lot of input being put in. Hence, a good quality animation video requires more production time than any live action video.

Whether your business video needs to be live action or animation finally depends upon factors such as:

  • Type of business
  • Budget
  • Audience and their preferences
  • Business objective

Identify these factors, analyze the pros and cons of both and make the right choice. Of course, one is not better than the other. Both live action and animation have their own impacts on the video industry. So, it’s your call to identify what video you want to create according to your objectives and budget.

If you wish to create an explainer video for your business, reach out to us here. To know about the why animated explainer videos are important for your business, visit this link. To browse through some of our best works, visit our portfolio page. 

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