10 Of The Best Explainer Video Production Companies Out There

Looking for an explainer video production company, but can’t decide on one?  We compiled this list of the top 10 explainer video companies to help you make the right choice!

Explainer Videos! They’re the best at what they do – Introducing your product to potential customers, and entertaining them while they do it.

A brilliant explainer video is going to do wonders for your video marketing strategy.

But you know this already.

You’ve probably come across a thousand companies that specialize in explainer video production by now.

But the question is – How do you pick the right one?

I’ll tell you how.

How to pick the best explainer video production company for your product

Your product should have the explainer video it deserves – there’s no other way about it!

Picking the wrong explainer video production company is going to doom sales before your product has even hit the shelves.

There are a few things to keep in mind when picking the agency that suits you best:

Work quality 

Check out the company’s portfolio.

Do their previous works meet the standard you expect? Can you see your product video in their style?

If you can’t, you shouldn’t waste anymore time. 

Start checking out other explainer video companies.

Design customization

Your product’s explainer video needs to be unique. It needs to reflect the brand’s style and tone.

Find out if the agency you’re selecting will begin with a clean slate for your explainer video production.

This lets them work afresh, focussing on your requirements.

Or do they rely on pre-existing templates?

They’re cheaper, but they’re going to make your video seem like countless others out there.



You’re obviously looking to cut costs where you can.

It makes no sense picking an expensive agency when someone else can deliver the same video for much less.

Pick an explainer video company that matches your budget without compromising your vision.


The drama of an explainer video should manifest only in the video – not in its creation.

Find out what you can about the production company you’re looking at.

What’s the opinion of their previous clients? Was the final result what they needed?

Were there any hiccups in the process?

Moreover, was the final result what they needed?


You’re not going to get the video you want if you can’t tell the agency exactly what you need.

Make sure the team is easy to talk to.

What communication channels do the explainer video company use?

What time zone do they work from? Will that come in the way of proper communication?

They need to hear you out and work on your concept.

It’s your product after all.


The hallmark of a good explainer video company is its ability to adapt to the client’s changing needs.

It’s impossible to have a clear idea from the start about the explainer video you want. 

Find out if the explainer video company is open to revisions.

How accommodating are they to changes?

And how efficiently do they implement them?

10 best explainer video production companies

Alright, now that we’re all caught up, let’s check out 10 of the best explainer video production companies today:

1. Studiotale

Yup. We’ve put ourselves on this list.

And for good reason.

Studiotale has been recognised by Clutch as one of the top video production agencies today.

At Studiotale, we help brands tell their stories to the world through memorable video content. 

Any video can be good, but you need the best to get the job done. We work closely with you to identify all the fascinating aspects of your projects, finding a way to express your message in new, unique ways – Every time.

We have a lot to offer as a leading Explainer Video Company:

Every project begins from the blackboard

We understand the need for a unique explainer video and are committed to ensuring your video fits your brand’s style.

Unlimited revisions

We understand that inspiration takes time. Keeping that in mind, we offer unparalleled work flexibility and unlimited revisions so that you can have the explainer video you want.

An intimidating portfolio

We’ve provided customer satisfaction to names like Xiaomi, Billion, Swiggy, Property Guru, etc. To check out our portfolio, click here.

An unmatched video production process

 Our unmatched video production process ensures your explainer video is one to remember. Want to understand our process? Click here.

Open communication

The moment you assign a video to us, you become a part of the team. And for effective team work, we ensure that you’re always updated on your project. We make sure you can reach us anytime to discuss your video – Because hey, it’s your brainchild after all.

Value for money

Warren Buffet said “Pricing is what you pay. Value is what you get.” 

At Studiotale, we make sure that the quality delivered is top notch – for the smallest price.

2. Demo Duck

Demo Duck’s been around since the beginning of explainer videos.

Beginning with Demo Videos, the company now also produces live action videos and commercial videos.

They have a track record of providing quality work and have worked with names like IBM, Surge, Springpad, and ZocDoc.

3. Sandwich Video

Sandwich Video is probably one of the best Live Action Video Companies out there. With hilarious scripts and a unique style, they have worked with names like AirBNB, Wistia, and Slack. 

Moreover, they also work on video distribution using social media content and PR.

4. Explainify

Explainify is another one of the original explainer video companies. They specialize in simplifying complex messages. 

Explainify has worked with companies like GE, Bosch and Perkin Elmer.

5. Thinkmojo

Thinkmojo specializes in making explainer videos for tech companies.

They’ve worked with companies like Google, WordPress and Zendesk. They also create educational videos, support videos, personalized videos, ads, and more.

6. Switch Video

This Canadian explainer video production company is highly respected among marketers. They specialize in whiteboard,  animated and motion graphics videos. 

They’ve worked with bands such as Nespresso, Cisco and HP.

7. Wyzowl

Wyzowl is an experienced Explainer Video Production Company. They specialize in animated marketing videos, mobile app demo videos, web app demo videos, and pre-roll videos.

They have fixed pricing and allow you to make unlimited revisions as part of their packages. This allows you to change the direction, concept or style of the video at any time.

They have worked with companies like CapitalOne, Aspex, and Ramada.

8. Yumyum Videos

Yum Yum Videos provide explainer videos, whiteboard videos, animated videos, and motion graphics videos. Their videos are tailored to suit their client’s preferences. This makes them one of the more flexible explainer video production companies.

They have worked with names like Docusign, Win Fx, and Walmart.

9. Epipheo

Epipheo is one of the first explainer video production companies in the market. They have great pride in their teamwork and are famous for providing quality explainer videos, animation video, and live action videos.

They have a giant portfolio with names like Intel, Deloitte, and Walmart.

10. Kasra Design 

Kasra Design focuses on motion graphics, 2D and 3D animation.

They create explainer videos and motion graphics for TV commercials, websites, corporate and training purposes.

They have worked with companies like Panasonic, Dell and Intel.

Picking the right Explainer Video Production Company is crucial to your product’s success.

With the right agency working on your explainer video, you’re going to be able to engage more of your target audience and reach the full potential of your product’s sales.

If you’re looking for a reliable Explainer Video Company that gives proven results, book a meeting with us.

Don’t forget to check out our blog – Video Hub – for more brilliant video marketing insights!

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