How To Create Great Training Videos For Your Business

Searching for the easiest way to train your target audience? Use training videos. These training videos will cut down the unnecessary cost and uncomplicate the process to your target audience.

Trending training videos have taken over the traditional training process. This switch has cut down the unnecessary cost. Further, simplified the communication with your target audience. You need not bore your employee in the name of training, instead lure them with your training video.

  • Microsoft reduced the training cost by $17 per person with video, when compared to $320.
  • Subsequently, IBM saved $579 million with the video learning program in the first two years. Besides, 40 percent of the cost saved from travel and lodging expenses.
  • The main question is, what makes the training videos so ideal? Important stats, to tell you why. It is no more a surprise, that people prefer video over other forms of content.
  • 81% of young employees favor video savvy companies. That is to say, even the millennials are into videos.
  • 75% of the employee would rather watch a video when compared to reading an article, email or any document.
  • With more than 67% of people using mobile devices to access learning. Training videos will be perfect to reach out to them.

How to create training videos?

Listed below is the basic approach to creating any training video. Besides, this approach can be used across industries.

Pick the right topic for the training video?

How do you pick a topic? Depends on whom are you addressing this training video. Once you are aware of the target audience, you can further do some research to finalize the topic. A topic which will have maximum impact.

To break it down:

  • If you are training the internal team, you can carry out an interview session with the employees.
  • Similarly, If you are focusing on the user base, you can reach out to the online forums where your users usually hang out. Most importantly, take a survey or their feedback to know their pain points.

Based on the data you have collected, you will be better able to choose the right topic for the training video.

Choose the right format for your training video?

The format which is easy to consume by your target audience. You have many options to choose from. For instance,

Screencast / Demo Training Videos:

Mostly used when you are training people who have to deal with a computer system or new software. A screencast is a recording of the computer screen with a voice-over in the backdrop. You can play around with the tone of the voice-over, either formal or informal.

To give an example, Slack has been the prime user of screencast to deliver the training videos to the teams using Slack. To be more precise, Slack is a messaging app for teams with a lot of features. And the best way to communicate these features to the users is via screencast. Here is a sample video to give you the context:

Animated Training Videos

Animated training videos are trending over a few years. Most importantly, the animation training videos can smoothly address the issue and simplify the tough concepts. You can always reach out to Studiotale, to create an animated training video for your firm.

Check this animated training video by Mesosphere. Certainly, after watching the video you would have realized Mesosphere makes running modern apps as easy as using a single computer. And the rest half of the video tells you how it does it. Unlike other training videos, Mesosphere uses simple object animation over character animation. Thus, this training video is perfect for web-based tech products and services; such as Cloud Computing, Blockchain networks, and Cryptocurrencies.


You can call this a direct approach. You can schedule a time, and use your webcam to reach out to either the internal team or your user base. This real-time training falls in the budget as it does not require any kind of post-production. You can also record your webinar for further use. Furthermore, you can share the screen and address the doubts if any.

Interactive Training Videos:

What if you could interact with the video, as a part of the training process? How would you like that? Wouldn’t it be much easier to learn that way?

One of the Netflix originals, Bandersnatch uses the interactive video format to capture the audience attention. Furthermore, the following series went viral from the time it was released. That is the power of Interactive videos.

When you are provided with multiple choices in your training video, you would want to know the impact of each available option. Hence, creating curiosity in the trainee or the user.

For example, check this video by Deloitte giving you a scenario with multiple options to choose from.



You will find most training videos using the roleplay style. For instance, a scenario will be played out in the training video which is easy to relate. Besides, this approach is preferred as it preps your target audience to all the possible use cases.

Now let us check on the script for your training video.

The script for your training Video?

Your script is the core of your training video. Besides, you cannot be lousy while creating the script. Most importantly, your script should capture the audience attention.

The things to be taken care of while finalizing your script.

  • Length of your training video: The training video can be of variable length, ranging from 60 seconds to 30 minutes. Keep in mind, the training video needs to be clear and concise.
  • Overall Structure: Usually the training video will start with a problem statement and solution to the problem which your user or the internal team is facing.
  • The tone of the Script: The tone of the video depends on who you are addressing this video to. You can always add some humor to your script to keep your target audience engaged.

For detailed information on how to deliver the right script for your training video, you can check out our blog with the criteria to come up with an ideal script for your brand video.

Editing and Publishing

It all depends on the budget you have allotted for your training video.

If you have a small team with less budget, you can go with animated video software such as Rawshorts, Animaker, and Powtoon etc to create these training videos. They are simple to use without much training involved.

Similarly, If you have the budget, opt for the animated video agencies such as Thinkmojo, Studiotale, and Wowmakers, etc. These agencies specialize in creating world-class video solution. Hence the training video for your firm should no longer be a concern.

By now, you have an idea of how to go about creating a training video.

Below we have listed a few creative training videos.

Creative training video examples:

  • Starting with Pagliacci Pizza, who made this wonderful video teaching how to hand toss the pizza dough. It is always a pleasure of watching someone make a pizza. However, this video is focused on telling you how to hand toss the dough to deliver the right pizza.
  • This animated training video speaks of workplace bullying and how to be aware of the bullying around you. Again a video for your internal team addressing the need to educate your employees regarding workplace bullying and appropriate actions to be taken. Hence, connect with the on-screen character with this roleplay video.
  • What not to do when it is lightning? Here is an interview with the cloud itself. It can be scary to inform the ill effects of lightning. Hence using humor can urge people to learn without scaring the audience.
  • This is an animated video describing the best way to use Sterno products. Further, this minute-long training video is a good example of highlighting the safety parameters while using Sterno.  
  • Burger King got a little too creative while creating their training video. How creative you may ask? They choose a celebrity to explain the making of a grilled dog i.e. Snoop Dogg. Consequently, there are no specific rules, when you go about making training videos.

To Sum Up

In this blog, we have covered ways to create training videos. We understand some of you are still into the traditional methodology to train people. However, do give training videos a shot and see how it will ease your life. Also, share your experiences of creating a training video in the comment section below.  

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