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15 Best Product Demo Videos To Get Inspired From (2021)

Koushik Marka
December 17, 2019

You’ve got a product that’s brilliant and versatile - a solution your customers will love as soon as they start using it.

Maybe you want to show your prospects just how efficient and user-friendly it is. Or you’re trying to help existing users get the best out of the product.

Whatever the case, you've decided that a product walkthrough is required. Which is why you’re creating a product demo video.

But you don’t want to create a demo video that’s slow, boring and academic.

You want to create a demonstration that’s engaging and eye-opening. You need the perfect mix of music, animations, and color that’ll hook your audience while taking them on a step-by-step journey of your solution.

If that’s your story, you’ve come to the right place.

I’ve compiled a list of the biggest, most effective demo examples out there to show you just how to make the best product demo video that’ll convince more prospects and engage existing customers.

But first, let’s talk about the importance of a video demo.

How Important Are Product Demo Videos?

Product demo videos offer consumers an insight into the usage and functioning of the product, helping existing users better understand the product and showing prospects how it fares against similar solutions in the market.

They’re especially useful in the consideration stage of the buyer’s journey. It’s when the prospect knows your product exists and is trying to determine if your solution is truly as useful as advertised.

They want to know if they can get the best out of your offering from the get-go.

Organizing physical product demonstrations on a large scale is going to need deep pockets, crazy logistics and a lot of manpower.

That’s why product demo videos are so important. They eliminate the need to keep repeating your demo for different audiences. With a single demonstration video, you can give your millions of viewers a feel of the product and convince them that your product is designed to make their lives easier.

So, without any further ado, here are the best examples of product demo videos that will show you how to get the job done.

Best Product Demo Videos

Here are my picks for the 15 best product demo videos of recent times, in no particular order.

1. Slack

Slack is no stranger to video marketing.

They’ve earned a record for creating fun visual experiences that you can’t help but watch over and over again.

This product walkthrough video for their workspace communications platform is no different and is easily one of the best startup demo videos.

With cheery background music and a friendly voice over, the video demonstrates how a team can coordinate and work better with Slack.

The tutorial is made easier with subtle mouse clicks and keyboard sounds to guide the viewer through the platform.

Every feature is highlighted in a fun, light-hearted manner, and Slack’s benefits are apparent immediately.

If your product is a SaaS platform, you could learn a thing or two from this product demo video for startups. 

They’ve created a narrative around their product and defined various use cases using nothing but screengrabs, text, and voiceover. 

It just goes to show that to create a product demo that’s fun to watch, a lot of brainstorming and effort are needed behind the scenes.

2. Google Translate

In 2016, Google introduced a new feature to its Translate app: Tap-To-Translate.

It’s an easy enough feature to understand - allowing users to translate text in a third party app, without having to open Google Translate every time.

So why did they make a demo video for it?

To connect with their users.

This app demo video begins with a problem statement that any Translate user will find relatable: Jumping back and forth between Translate and other apps every time you come across an unfamiliar language online.

Subtly done, yet effective - note how a well-designed problem statement grabs your attention and forces you to wonder what new solution the Tech Giant has come up with.

It creates the perfect base for an introduction to Tap-To-Translate.

Using relatable situations and quirky animation, the marketing video strikes the right chord with the viewer, hooking them till they can’t help but appreciate the benefits.

Featuring a light-hearted guitar score and a voiceover that puts viewers at ease, this quick, elegant video is an easy entry onto our list of the best product demo videos.

3. Nightingale

A good voiceover can make or break a product demo video.

But Cambridge Sound decided to challenge that tradition.

This video for Nightingale - their Smart Home Sleep System - demonstrates the product using text animations instead of a voiceover.

And it’s a job well done.

The animations are elegant and beautiful to watch, ensuring viewers enjoy the visuals until the end.

The functions, use-cases and special features are all concisely explained in layman’s terms using text animations.

The atmospheric music is a great fit - reflecting the brand’s tone and keeping viewers glued to the video.

The key point to notice here is that the video works without a narrative.

By not using a storyline, Cambridge technologies made features and use-cases the focus of their demo video.

While it’s an age-old strategy, it’s been executed beautifully.

The animations, visuals, and music all work together to create a product walkthrough that immerses viewers.

If you’ve been wondering how to create a gripping demonstration without a narrative, this animated product demo video is a must-watch.

4. Pipedrive

Pipedrive is a sales CRM that lets executives organize and manage their sales pipelines.

Pipedrive’s product video isn’t really short. At 4 minutes, it’s a pretty lengthy demo video. Yet it keeps viewers engaged till the end, without breaking a sweat, making it a stellar example of the best software demos out there.

Note how they’ve smartly incorporated animation, product screens and live action elements into the video to switch things up.

But charming characters and pleasant music aside, this demo video works because of the voiceover.

The scripting is genius, giving the voiceover artist enough room to add their personality to the video.

Even the sections that feature just product screens feel like a casual conversation you’d have over coffee.

Want to make a lengthy B2B software demo video fun?

Take a leaf out of Pipedrive’s product demonstration script and use your voiceover artist’s personality and have a conversation with your viewers.

5. PerformYard

PerformYard is all about performance management.

It’s a platform that connects managers and employees, increasing sales performance and improving marketing strategies.

PerformYard’s website demo video goes for the straight-up sales deck approach.

The voiceover is formal, yet easy-going - a perfect match for the target audience.

But what really catches the eye is the smoothness of the video.

The transitions, mouse clicks, product screens all move like they’re made of butter.

The motion graphics are so streamlined, it’s enough to keep the viewer engaged.

Talk about satisfying videos.

If you’re creating a demo video to use in your sales deck, take a good long look at PerformYard’s demo.

Clean and precise, it shows you exactly how to make product screens look good.

6. FridaBaby

Some videos are convincing just because they’re straight-up hilarious.

This animated demo video by FridaBaby is one such example. 

You can’t help but smirk to yourself as you watch this weirdly unorthodox demo.

It’s brutally honest, poking parents in exactly the right pain points.

The bizarre device will connect with millions of weary parents all over the world.

I especially love how they don’t shy away from the ‘ick’ factor of the video. They address the viewer’s horror at the right time (“We know what you’re thinking) and set their fears to rest immediately.

Simple, effective and an absolute riot, this product demo video’s humorous approach is something you should take notes from - especially if you’re a B2C company.

7. HootSuite

Making a demo video to help newer customers get familiar with your product?

Well, HootSuite’s demo video is as good a reference as any.

With a warm voiceover welcoming new customers to the product, the video goes on to demonstrate the features of this Social Media tool and shows viewers how to get the best out of the platform.

The animations are minimal, and the walkthrough’s pace is relaxed, ensuring viewers aren’t overwhelmed with information.

It’s neatly done and leaves no room for confusion.

This onboarding demo video makes it onto our list, because even though it focuses on giving viewers valuable information rather than dazzling them with over the top animation, it stays charming and engaging. 

Bring that balance into your onboarding product video, and you’ll have some very happy customers.

8. Cubeit


That’s the only word for this beautiful app demo.

Elegant, concise and to-the-point, this product demo is a case study in copywriting that connects.

By using simple, yet powerful words instead of entire sentences, the video connects on a deeper level with the viewer, allowing them to relate to the content browsing app and understand what it’s capable of for themselves.

There isn’t any voiceover.

No technical jargon.

No elements to distract prospects.

Just soothing music and product screens for the target audience to enjoy.

The best part about this video is its length. With just 35 seconds of run-time, this short animated demonstration sells the app’s idea with minimal effort. If you’re creating a short demo video to entice prospects into wanting to know more about the product, this style will work beautifully for you.

9. Yesware - Send later

Yesware is a sales software that helps users connect with more businesses via email.

Yesware’s product video highlights a very important fact - product demo videos don’t need a tall budget to keep audiences interested.

The product screens in this demo are taken straight off a screen recorder, with slides and images filling up the rest of the video.

If you’re considering using a product demo video maker for your video, I recommend trying out Soapbox by Wistia, HippoVideo or Vidyard.

The voiceover carries the demo, with a soothing, reassuring tone that’ll put viewers at ease immediately and explains the software’s features without beating around the bush.

Straight-forward and to-the-point, Yesware’s product demo video proves that you can get the viewer’s attention without all the glitz and glamour of a high budget production by simply using demo video software.

10. Zendesk Answer Bot

Zendesk’s demo for Answer Bot is intriguing right from the get-go.

By cleverly incorporating live action footage into their video, Zendesk makes their demo a fun, immersive, aesthetic experience.

What I especially love about this video is how the narrator introduces himself. It’s a subtle touch, but a powerful one.

By doing so, Zendesk helps the narrator seem more human and trustworthy to the audience.

This cool product video gets personal and builds a deeper connection with the viewer. 

It also helps that the illustrations, screen grabs and narration are on-point.

The whole video creates an atmosphere that makes viewers pay attention and that’s why it’s one of the best software product demo videos of all time.

11. Apple Card

How could we have a demo video list without mentioning these guys?

Apple has been killing it with their crisp, dramatic product demos.

This video is for Apple’s all new credit card - The Apple Card (not iCard, that’s just sounds silly.)

And boy, is it a treat for the eyes.

With smooth, almost life-like movements, Apple creates a great product demo video that feels more like an event.

The background music and sound effects are brilliantly done and the animations are as good as they come.

But before we move on, there’s one more thing.

What you really need to take away from this demo is how Apple shows viewers exactly why their credit card is better than all the competitors in the market.

From interest-free transactions to non-existent service fees, Apple Card makes a bold statement that would catch the ears of any viewer - This is a credit card that isn’t created by a bank.

12. Todoist

Todoist is a task managing app that lets you organise your chores and daily tasks … just like a to-do-list.

Todoist’s demo video is amazing because of its abstract design language.

Every element in the first 20 seconds morphs elegantly into the next frame, mesmerising viewers and grabbing their complete attention before the product screen is introduced.

With assertive dialogues, smooth transitions and an effective storyline, this creative tutorial is designed to convert prospects into customers.

If product screens are going to take up a chunk of your screen time, beginning the video with immersive visuals is a good idea.

This way you grab your audience's attention at the very start and make them more receptive to the rest of the video.

Easy engagement.

13. Headspace

You’ve probably heard about Headspace.

The guided meditation app has been pretty popular for a while now.

Headspace created a video that easily ranks among the best product demo videos ever. 

It starts by talking about how meditation can help live a more smoother, controlled life.

The animated video uses absolutely no music, keeping in line with the theme of the app.

Instead, a calming voiceover by Headspace founder and official voice, Andy Puddicombe, shows the user exactly how the app feels.

The characters and animations are taken straight off the app and the video carries the same style of the guided meditation videos on the platform.

It’s pretty smart trick.

Does your product have video content that’s vital to the customer experience?

Well then, you already have a unique video style!

Creating your product demo video in the same style will help viewers identify your video immediately. It’s a straightforward approach to branding the demo video and gives viewers an honest, yet immersive walkthrough of the product.  

14. Soapbox - Sandwich Video

For this demo, Wistia knew they had to make it grand.

After all, the product - Soapbox, is a product demo video maker itself.

So how did they do it?

By partnering with Sandwich Video they made not one, but three demo videos - all three with the same script and the same characters.

The difference? 

They’re made on different budgets

And that difference shows you just how you can create a product demo that works on any budget, without changing the storyline!

The first demo video was made on a $1000 budget, the second, $10,000 and the third for $100,000.

All three demo videos are outright hilarious.

The video series breaks the fourth wall in a new, creative way and delivers a uniquely immersive product walkthrough.

With multiple video styles - explainer, product demo and testimonial - colliding in one series, it’s a case study in how a strong narrative can boost your demo video’s effectiveness.

And that out of the box thinking is what makes this series, some of the most creative product demo videos today.

15. Apple Support - Moving from Android To iPhone

By creating this product walkthrough, Apple hits two birds with one stone.

It’s a brilliant customer support video to help new customers transfer data from their old phone to their new iPhone.

It also targets a lot of consumers who aren’t switching to iPhone because they thought it would be a complicated process.

With smooth graphics and a detailed, reassuring voiceover, Apple created a demo video that subtly taunts Android, while reassuring viewers that switching to their platform is a breeze.

The scripting is friendly and welcoming, answering the consumer’s queries as easily as possible.

Disclaimers like “You can’t use the devices during the process, so you might want to do this overnight” shows viewers that their experience is Apple’s priority, making the viewer feel more receptive towards the video.

When creating your demo video, give a lot of weight to the user experience of the product.

Just like Apple, show your customers that you want them to get the best out of your product. Write a script from the consumer’s perspective and help them trust your product better.

Final Words

Well, those were our picks for the 15 best product demo videos ever made.

If you were wondering how to make product demo videos, we hope these examples will inspire you in your journey. 

Using these product demo video ideas and the pointers I’ve shared, I’m sure you’ll be engaging prospective customers and convincing them of your product’s benefits effortlessly. If you need some more help, you can always reach out to us

If you’re also planning on creating an explainer video and need some help with ideas, check out this cool blog post - 15 Best Explainer Videos Of All Time.

Koushik Marka

Founder @ Studiotale. He is passionate about helping brands grow with video and has expertise in video marketing & 2D animation. When he is not working, he loves playing video games and traveling.


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