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Best 90-Second Explainer Videos You Shouldn't Miss

Koushik Marka
January 18, 2019

Many companies struggle to communicate their product or service to their prospects. As a result, they hit a roadblock in terms of conversions. It’s important to constantly work towards explaining your product or service in a simple manner. Hence, you need a 90-second explainer video.

90 seconds is the ideal duration to narrate your brand offering to prospects. Let's take a look at a few stats in favor of 90-second explainer videos-

  • Video length between 90-seconds and less than 2 minutes gets tons of engagement.
  • A minute-long video is worth 1.8 million words, according to Forrester Research.
  • 99% of those who already use video, say they'll continue to do so in 2019.

List of the best 90-second explainer videos

  1. Zendesk
  2. Ahrefs
  3. Atoka
  4. Spigit
  5. Vibe It
  6. Parse
  7. Headspace
  8. Amyko
  9. Dollar Shave Club
  10. Mint
  11. Spotify Montage
  12. Adobe CMO

1. Zendesk

Zendesk is a platform for support teams to manage multiple queries from different platforms in one place. Thus, it helps you build good relationships with your customers. This video explains how Zendesk does it. You will see the perspective of a support executive, a manager, and the customer.

  • The video starts out with a support executive using Zendesk to address queries.
  • It shows the manager using Zendesk to check on the quality of the support.
  • Finally, customers are given the feedback option to rate their interaction with the support executive.

All this is accommodated in this 90-second explainer video.

The video very smoothly communicates the features of Zendesk. More importantly, this format is best for B2B and SaaS-based companies.

2. Ahrefs

All small businesses dream of being listed among the top pages of the Google search results. Ahrefs does the work for you. The video below tells you how.

This 90-second explainer video explains how Ahrefs is a solution to outrank your competitors on search engines. Next, the features of the platform are explained i.e.

  • the keywords to use,
  • backlinks to boost your webpage,
  • And the simple SEO mistakes to avoid.

This animated explainer video tells how you can follow the best practices for your website using Ahrefs. As a result, this video style can be used by B2B and SaaS companies.

3. Atoka

Atoka is a search platform that provides you with a unique and reliable database of British and Italian companies. The product aims to help people in search of local businesses.

Here’s the explainer video created by Studiotale for Atoka.

The video starts out by discussing the need for reliable data. The rest of the video is focused on the solution provided by Atoka. The problem-solution approach makes this video connect well with the target audience. The illustrations in the video precisely explain the company’s offering. Further, this format can be used by B2B and B2C companies for marketing purposes.

4. Spigit

This 90-second explainer video narrates the expertise of Spigit in crowdsourcing ideas. It plays out the story of a person at a firm looking to crowdsource great ideas.

First, it provides a definition of herd behavior. It explains that herd behavior is the partial behavior of the people towards their boss or popular opinion. Without a doubt, you do not want the best ideas being buried due to this behavior.

Spigit uses whiteboard animation to describe the algorithm fighting herd behavior. It does not let any ideas go unnoticed. Instead, it helps companies like Reddit or Yelp spread ideas to a larger audience for reviews.

The video uses an informative tone. It uses whiteboard animation to communicate the Spigit services in just 90 seconds. This makes it an ideal style for SaaS and B2B-based businesses.

5. Vibe-It

You cannot ignore customer feedback. Vibe-it is a service which helps you efficiently manage customer feedback. This 90-second explainer video starts out by explaining the value of customer feedback. Then, it describes the benefits of the service and ends with a strong call-to-action.

The tone of the video connects with the target audience. In this case, they are investors looking for enterprise feedback management. The creative illustrations hit the right chord. This 90-second explainer video style is suitable for B2B and SaaS-based businesses.

6. Parse

This explainer video by Parse is focused on developers. The developers who want to bring their idea to life. If you are struggling with your backend, Parse will come to your rescue.

In 90 seconds, this video narrates the benefits of using Parse,

  • from storing data in the cloud,
  • handling user identification,
  • keeping a check on the number of people using your app,
  • and finally, third-party integrations.

The video is slightly technical. So, you can reach out to developers with this 90-second explainer video. Above all, this style can be incorporated by mobile apps, B2B and SaaS-based companies.

7. Headspace

This explainer video directs people’s attention beautifully on guided meditation. The characters used in the video create curiosity.

The video points at the stress faced by the average human and how meditation can reduce it. Further, improving your focus and the sleep cycle. It ends with a strong CTA, asking viewers to subscribe. Above all, the 90-second explainer video caters to almost everyone.

Considering meditation isn’t a mainstream topic, humor lets you connect with it. It provides details on how Headspace can bring comfort to your life. Mobile apps and B2C companies use this format of video explanation.

8. Amyko

Amyko is here to provide necessary medical information in an emergency situation. You can store emergency information in the bracelet. Most importantly, you can access this information on your phone.

The video gives details on storing important data and different ways of accessing it. Also, it discusses the different scenarios where Amyko can come in handy.

Amyko is able to narrate their story in simple language. This approach can be used by mobile apps, B2C, and SaaS-based companies.

9. Dollar Shave Club

How does spending a dollar a month on razor sound? You might be wondering about how much you will save. In this video, you will see the benefits of using the Dollar Shave Club razor in a fresh light.

The video is hilarious, with the founder giving reasons to select Dollar Shave Club’s razors. Humor definitely makes this 90-second explainer video stand out. B2C firms can use this video style.

10. Mint

Keeping track of your financials can be tough. As a result, Mint is here to manage your money. The video is clear and concise. Once you provide all the required details, you will find all your financials in one place.

The video tells how Mint can help you with valuable saving suggestions. Also, it shows how it can simplify financial management.

Therefore, it hits the right chord in under 90 seconds.

The video uses a problem-solution approach. Certainly, this style can be used by B2B and SaaS-based companies.

11. Spotify Montage

Unlike the earlier 90-second explainer videos, this example does not have any voice over or instructions. Although, it has a music track playing in the background, while the graphics on the screen keep shuffling.

Spotify is a digital music service, giving you access to millions of songs. So, promoting it by playing some legendary music is a great tactic. The video also highlights the new features of Spotify. The service includes 30 customized tunes for every customer.

B2C firms would prefer this format of video explanation.

12. Adobe CMO

Adobe CMO is a one-stop information portal for CMOs. CMO’s animated video is concept-driven and engaging. A great narrative and smooth transitions make it engaging. When you want to be creative in your approach to explain your product/service, you can use this style.

The video has a smooth flow and a professional look. Therefore, this video style can be used by B2B firms.

To Wrap Up

So, there you go! This list gives you an overview of the different video styles available. Now you've seen why 90-second explainer videos are considered ideal to explain your products or services to customers. With the decreasing attention span of human species, it is best to keep your video clear and concise.

We hope you use this feature to advantage. On the other hand, you can always reach out to us for any explainer video requirement!

Koushik Marka

Founder @ Studiotale. He is passionate about helping brands grow with video and has expertise in video marketing & 2D animation. When he is not working, he loves playing video games and traveling.


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