How We Create a Concept For Explainer Video

An excellent video concept can nail down your explainer video and your clients. Find out how we develop an explainer video concept at Studiotale.

In between the time I’ve taken to write this article, a thousand videos are uploaded on Youtube, watched on television, liked on Facebook! See? Videos there videos here – videos are everywhere!

In this sea of digital media and videos, assuring that your explainer video has a long shelf life could be indeed strenuous. In fact, having a great team, great clients and excellent software aren’t enough.

Then what is? “A Great Video Concept”!!

A great explainer video concept is what you need to make sure your video does not remain behind the curtains, instead stands out and becomes viral.

With a unique and creative concept acting as a base for your explainer video, drawing in viewers and getting a positive response is therefore effortless. Trying to re-invent existing matters is not our thing.

We would rather fizzle between ideas, look for a blinding spark of inspiration and take it from there to create an explainer video. We know what works, grabs, holds and what doesn’t. Hence, we are set to develop a refreshing new concept for your explainer video.

Now, let me walk you through the process of concept development and show you how great videos are born at Studiotale.

Things we consider before developing a concept for your explainer video

Target Audience:

Comprehending the exact needs of the target audience is vital to any explainer video concept we develop. Therefore, we try to understand the audience, their profession, personality, culture, values, mindsets, their problems etc. Our video concepts are catered to satisfy and impress them.

The Problem:

Every video has a solution to offer, for a problem faced by their target audience. We point this out in our concept, so as to create an awareness amongst the audience that a solution is around the corner.

The tone of the brand:

Are you very serious? Is your product for the light-hearted? Do you want your video to be emotional or funny? Anything is fine. Our explainer video concepts are overall crafted to match the brand tone and identity you follow.


We do not wish to bore the audience with a long video. Rather, we like to keep it short and compelling. We try to explain the concept as effectively as possible in the minimum time. But, there’s not a single important point that we miss out on while doing so.


When we craft something, we do it with perfection. Hence, the timeline for creating your explainer video is considered. Our creative thinkers will come up with a concept, precisely before the time you say you needed it.

Steps in creating a concept for your explainer video

It’s ideation time! We don’t look heavenwards for inspiration. It’s a combined effort. You I and all of us can come up together with an amazing concept for your explainer video. Check out how!

1. Creative Brief:

We are creating a video concept for your explainer, meaning you and I altogether need to be on the same page. Hence, we have a creative brief for you to fill up. A creative brief is nothing but a short questionnaire.

Fill in details such as the purpose of the video, your target audience, preferred duration, quick elevator pitch, points to highlight etc. This creative brief will navigate us through the concept development, and we can always refer to this document when and where needed.

2. Discussion:

In our video concept development pipeline, the discussion phase is surely valuable because we are now getting closer to you and your business. Through an online call or a personal meeting, we interact with you to know more about your business, your video preferences, etc.

Have you got queries? Or maybe we have some! Let’s clear them all in this discussion phase before we step up to develop a bright new video concept for you.

3. Brainstorm Ideas:

During this phase of the concept development, ideas buzz around the office, float through the air and take shape on scraps of paper. Our creative team is significantly involved in coming up with unique concepts to make your explainer video outstanding.

They come up with an entire creative armory of ideas, each specified to emphasize your business concept productively via our video.

4. Review Ideas:

Now that our team has done some brainstorming, we all get to the table with multiple scenarios and concepts to create your explainer video. From a plethora of ideas, we review each of them individually and narrow down to a final video concept.

Once we’ve pulled a trigger on the concept, we share it with you and wait for your feedback. This cool new concept is without a doubt going to amaze your audience as well as you.

5. Decide on Execution:

We explore numerous ways in which we can execute your concept visually. Whether it is the script, storyboard, visuals, voice over or music, we always go for the best option to suit your business as well as the video concept.

We have a well-structured process, in order to effectively portray your business idea through the explainer video concept we have developed.

To summarize, we at Studiotale have no limits to imaginations and creativity. All you need to do is come to us, plant a seed, and we will take it from there. If you wish to develop a concept for your explainer video that is new, exciting and fresh, you’ve made the right friends.

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