Selecting The Right Voiceover For Your Video

Koushik Marka
August 6, 2018

While choosing the right voiceover for your business, remember you are choosing the voice of your brand. That’s how important your voiceover for the video is.

Getting your voiceover correct can be a lot trickier than it may sound. They are as relevant as the visuals in a video. Evidently, it isn’t just any voice actor giving her voice, but a key element in creating a successful video.

Even though not directly present in the scene, your voiceover has the capability to improve the quality of your video, while also capturing the audience’s attention. It has the power to give your video a personality together with giving it a life.

The voiceover you choose for your video should be able to reflect the message you wish to convey, while also grabbing the attention span of the viewers.

Let's find out what factors make a great voice over and their advantages.

Factors to consider

1. Tone

Firstly, What is the tone of the video being created? Are you intending to be funny, serious or rather informative? No matter what your business tone is, the voiceover should match the brand tone in the video. If your brand is easy going and simple, your voice over artist can have a little fun while recording.

Whereas, if your product or service is way more serious, an authoritative and neutral tone is what you need. Stressing the right words, following the correct pitch and pausing at the right place is an integral part of a good voice over for your video.

Informative Voiceover example:

Musical Voiceover example:

Funny Voiceover example:

2. Male or Female

Gender is the hottest topic when it comes to choosing a voiceover artist for your video. Want to sell a car or speak about women's health? Think before you conclude at one voiceover for your video.

If you want to sooth your audience, it’s female! Similarly, want to have a powerful image? It’s male! Whether you need a male or female voiceover completely depends upon the impact you wish to create, as well as who your target audience is.

Making the right gender choice for your video’s voiceover can alter your message’s clarity, consistency, and effectiveness.

Female sample voiceover:

Male sample voiceover:

3. Accent

As much as how gender helps in relating to a business, the accent of your video’s voiceover should also be relatable. In the event that you are intending to address an international audience, it is best to use an American or British accent in your voiceover.

Whereas, if you are a local business or your audience is specific to a smaller region, it is best to use a local or regional voice-over accent which helps people in associating to your video more.

Different accents can incorporate different levels of friendliness to the viewers. Hence, they’re very important in a videos overall outcome.

4. Pace

Viewers need to follow and understand your story along with your video. Therefore, it is important to maintain a good speed and pace in your voiceover. Only then will people be engaged with it.

It’s important to give them enough time to digest what you say, while also assuring that they do not get too bored. That is, your voiceover artist should not speak too fast or too slow. Instead, keep up to the duration of the video and speak clearly and effectively. This has a large influence on what people understand from your voiceover and video.

An example of a perfectly paced voiceover:

Advantages of a Great Voiceover

Persuasive to take action

First thing first! A great voice over in your video can effectively tell people your call to action at the end of the video. Announcing the call to action clearly and concisely persuades the viewers, thereby increasing the chances of leading your potential customers to the action you desire they would take. Whether it be signing up for a plan, or buying a product from you, voiceovers can act as the perfect guide in your video.

Builds loyal customers

Trust is a key factor in order for your viewers to turn into customers. A confident voice over for your video helps in building customers, that too loyal customers. They feel that your brand is convincing enough as well as trustworthy.

Rather than showing any fake excitement or false modulations, a great voice over to perfectly suit your brand tone and personality is what you need, so as to build credibility about your business with your viewers.

Relate to the audience

You want your video to influence the viewers and make them feel connected to you. This can happen with a good voice over. A voice that sounds like them, addressing their concerns is great in order to make them feel represented and identified with.

The voiceover can give your video a good mood, feel and affinity which will be appreciated by the viewers too. Therefore, they diligently become a part of your brand.

Humanize your brand

A great voice over can give your video a personality and come with it are complementary emotions. No matter how interesting your video is, if the voiceover is dull and not engaging, they wouldn’t watch your video.

Hence, showing the right emotions and being a part of the video through the voice over humanizes your brand.

Exposes video quality

Apart from great visuals of excellent quality, people can also become judgmental about your video in terms of the voiceover. A nicely recorded voice over can easily make them differentiate between a professional video and not-so-credible one.

Hence, it is important that your voiceover quality is good enough to give them the assurance they need. This in return builds even more faith in your business.

How can we help you at Studiotale

At Studiotale, we understand how important the voice over is for your video. From our database of some curated professional voice over talents, we refer to you the best ones which we think will suit your video. You can pick the one you like the most.

Whether male or female, American, British or Indian accent, it is your call to choose which you think is best for you. The chosen voice over artist will record a great voice over for your video that will leave you amazed.

Hear out an example of a great voice over from one of our videos!

So, are you planning to make a video for your business? From concept development, through voice over to final delivery, we are by your side in creating a great video for your business. Browse through some of our works here. Know about our process of creating great videos here.

Contact us today and get creative!

Koushik Marka

Founder @ Studiotale. He is passionate about helping brands grow with video and has expertise in video marketing & 2D animation. When he is not working, he loves playing video games and traveling.


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