Ideal Explainer Video Length To Choose For

Shorter the length, better the video! This is the most common notion when it comes to deciding the ideal length for explainer videos at Studiotale.

Firstly, let’s start with an important fact – The attention span of human beings is 8 seconds now, that is they are less than that of a goldfish having an attention span of 9 seconds!

With almost 5 billion videos being watched on Youtube alone daily, videos are making it a competition to the eyeballs! In that case, you know that human beings need engaging and short length videos; therefore there is a struggle you have to go through to make a place with your video in their minds.

But at the same time, you also need enough time to deliver your message and show your product/service effectively to the viewers through your video. Low attention span, much content to show! Juggling between such thoughts, aren’t you confused about what length your explainer video should be of?

Well, it is a confusion that marketers and businesses have always been going through. In this blog post, we’ve compiled some useful tips for you, in order to help you identify the ideal length for your explainer video.

Video Length and Engagement

#2 Minutes or Less:  According to a study conducted by Wistia, videos with a length of 2 minutes or less are likely to get maximum engagement. People get to entertain and educate themselves in a very short time span, hence this is the most preferred length for video content by viewers.

#2 to 3 Minutes: If the length of the video is between 2 to 3 minutes, there is a substantial drop off from viewers. After all, increasing your video length from 2 minutes to 2 minutes 30 seconds, surely won’t make a huge difference to the content you show.

#6 to 12 minutes is a worry-free phase. The most cautious that you should be is from 2 minutes to 6 minutes because that’s where people leave the video mostly. But, after 6 minutes and between 12 minutes, Wistia’s study proves that the engagement remains stable and average.

After 12 Minutes, a little extra caution is good. This is because such a long video for a business is just like reading a book to them. They drop off even by simply seeing the total length of the video.

From this data, we can conclude that the ideal length for a video depends on the type of video being made. Since we are focusing on explainer videos, we believe that shorter is better!

What is the ideal explainer video length?

An explainer video has to simply explain your product/service engagingly to the viewers. Keeping them long, boring and elaborate won’t do the legwork. Therefore, the ideal video length you need to follow while making an explainer video for your business is 60 to 90 Seconds.

Keeping them as short and crisp as possible are likely to entertain your audience, create brand recall and engage them to watch the entire video, rather than dropping off somewhere in the middle. No matter how complex your product/service is, explainer videos can let the world know what your product is within a length of 90 seconds or even less.

Also, explainer videos are usually hosted on Youtube, social media platforms etc. These platforms have a sea of videos to entertain viewers. Keeping your video length long means, people do not have all their time watching just your video alone because there are multiple video distractions closeby. Therefore, short, concise and a meaningful explainer video with a length of 60 – 90 seconds is ideal for your business.

Points to consider while making an explainer video with a length of 60 – 90 seconds:

  • Make the first 10 seconds count.
  • Focus on the 3 main points you wish to highlight rather than stuffing your video with too much information.
  • Keep it simple and snackable.

At Studiotale, we believe that an explainer video between 60 – 90 seconds is going to be the most effective for your business. Keep them short and to the point, and you will see that people love your video.

Now that you know the ideal length of explainer videos, if you need assistance in creating an amazing explainer video for your business, reach out to us now. To browse through our best works, visit our portfolio. Join us and get your short and crisp explainer video done right away!

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