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7 Types of Explainer Videos To Choose For Any Business

Koushik Marka
May 13, 2019

They don’t want to read long paragraphs to understand a certain subject. Not when they have access to millions of videos that do the same more effectively.

Don’t believe us?

Don’t take our word for it!

Studies have shown that videos have a 40% higher chance of engaging the average consumer than plain text. 

40 percent!

Clearly, internet users prefer video for their daily dose of information. And the market is responding to this change in behavior.

According to Cisco, more than 80% of internet traffic will be video by 2022.

Most companies have already begun using videos to introduce a product or service to potential customers.

These types of videos are explainer videos.

What is an Explainer Video?

Explainer videos are small, bite-sized videos that introduce a concept, product or service to your target audience. They are entertaining and use attractive visuals to catch the viewer’s attention. 

Here are the four key points covered in an explainer video:

  • Problem
  • Solution
  • Features and Benefits
  • And, Call to action

Where can you use these videos?

  • Homepage/Product pages
  • Sales demos
  • Events
  • Newsletters
  • Social Media pages

This content format gives your potential customers a better understanding of the product. 

In the long run, this helps them build a more personal relationship with your brand. 

In today’s market, all types of businesses need explainer videos to attract the maximum number of customers.

There’s no doubt that your product or service will enjoy more attention with the right video to explain it.

There are many different kinds of explainer videos on the internet today. But that doesn’t mean any video can be used to explain any product.

You may have a high-quality video to define your product to potential customers. However, if the target audience can’t connect to the video immediately, your product won’t appeal to them.

Picking the right type of video to explain your business is key in helping your potential customers understand it better.

To help you out, we have compiled a list of the different types of explainer videos below.

Types Of Explainer Videos

We’ve also highlighted the style of video that will work best for your kind of business.

1. 2D Character Animated Explainer Videos

Who doesn’t love a good cartoon?

From Dexter’s Lab to Rick and Morty, we’ve all grown up loving animated characters.

Why not use a character in your explainer video?

These animated videos use fun 2D characters to explain a product. They could be a person, an animal, a tree, even an alien!

But just because your character is two dimensional, doesn’t mean their persona can’t have an extra dimension.

A good 2D character explainer video is filled with memorable personalities that potential customers can relate to. Use your characters to bring emotions into the video.

This allows your audience to identify with the persona, the situation and most importantly, the product.

With a countless number of characters available to the imagination, you could use one for literally any business!

So why not use one for yours?

2. Motion Graphics Explainer Videos

Is your business product related to cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, cloud computing or some such complex idea?

How do you break down such an abstract concept to the average viewer in a short time?

Clear-cut characters may not be helpful in these cases. This is where the Motion Graphics Explainer Video comes in.

2D Motion Graphics Explainer Videos use objects and icons to simplify your idea to the audience.

Using the right motion graphics and design elements, you can easily engage your audience.

These explainer videos are simple and to the point, yet fun and eye-catching.

If you like, use perspective to give your 2D objects a feeling of depth.

The result? 

An isometric design that captivates your target audience.

3. Live-Action Explainer Video

Want to add a human touch to your product?

People love seeing how things work in the real world.

Like the O’Jays crooned - “Give the people what they want!”

Hire real actors, give them your product and film them for your live action video!

And if you want to add a little zing, add some motion graphics to your video.

The sky’s the limit!

Using real people instead of animation humanizes your brand.

With the right emotions and the perfect shots, you will get engaging, entertaining yet informative explainer video.

4. 3D Animated Explainer Videos

Is your product the Next Generation Smartphone?

A cutting edge piece of Industrial Equipment?

An Architectural Design? 

A new, Sustainable Energy Source?

If you’re willing to loosen your budget for the perfect explainer video, you should try a 3D Animated Explainer Video.

These are perhaps the most impressive type of explainer videos. Using 3D animation, you can create a digital world where objects can move around all 3 axes. 

Just like you and me!

Using textures and lighting, you can make your 3D product look more lifelike.

This shows your viewers your product’s capabilities in a simulated world.

Needless to say, 3D animation creates a more captivating experience.

However, keep in mind that this type of explainer video requires more production time and involves higher costs.

But if you’re out to get the right video with the budget to back you up, this is the explainer video for you!

5. Screencast Explainer Videos

So you’ve developed an app that will change the world. A real-time demo might be the best way to convince your user.

Screencast explainer videos are perfect for this scenario.

A screencast video uses a screen capture or recording to showcase the features of the app in question. 

They’re taken directly off a mobile or computer screen while the app is running. This has the advantage of showing off your product’s features and User Interface.

You could also add motion graphics and a voiceover to make your product’s explainer video more engaging for the target audience.

6. Typographic Explainer Videos

Ever spent hours scrolling through social media without bothering to unmute videos?

Your target audience is human too.

So how do you explain your product to viewers using only visuals?

In comes the Typographic Explainer Video.

Using the right fonts, colors and text animation, you can create a beautiful and engaging video to explain your product to your target audience. 

You could also engage the audience by showing facts and figures that back your product.

Let them judge the product for themselves!

Typographic Explainer videos are cheap, easy to create and don’t require much time.

Yet, the result is an engaging and informative video that your target audience will love.

7. Stop Motion Explainer Video

Lights, Camera, Edit, Action!

A camera and good editing skills are all you need for this type of explainer video.

Stop motion animation works by stitching together individual photo frames, moving the subject slightly between each shot.

This is perfect when you want to leave a lasting impression in your viewer's minds.

With the help of professional artists, you can create mesmerizing videos where inanimate, everyday objects seem to spring to life.

Stop motion animation is time-consuming and requires dedication to perfect.

However, if you want to use your product to tell a story, this kind of video is perfect!

A good explainer video uses clarity to market your business. Knowing the different types of explainer videos and their uses, you can now choose the right video for your product or service.

Create that killer video and introduce your product with a BANG!

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At Studiotale, we strive to help businesses and brands achieve their objectives with explainer videos. 

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