Landing Page Video - 6 reasons why it is a must!

Koushik Marka
September 6, 2018

When you are ready to put in all efforts for your business’s marketing, a little stretching is not at all a bad thing. Not just for your body, but also for your marketing efforts. Chances are that you eat, sleep and dream about what to do to get your business and website on the right track.

With marketers investing a fair amount in their marketing strategy, AdWords landing page is a key chance to convince customers to convert. You can ask them to buy a product, fill a form or download a resource. Just as your ad text should be relevant to your keyword, the landing page should be relevant to the Google ad.

These Adword landing pages help you reach new customers, grow your business etc. Make your landing page as engaging as possible because, the more value you are able to provide to your landing page, the higher your conversions will be.

However, there are certain factors that determine the conversion rate of your landing page:

Factors that affect conversion rates


You must have heard the phrase - “Appearance alters perception”. A landing page that looks good can definitely create a great impression amongst your visitors. Take into consideration the layout, placement of objects, text size, color palette etc. to make your landing page look alluring enough. To create beautiful landing pages that require absolutely no coding, you can use tools like MailMunch.

User experience

Make your landing page a friendly experience to those who visit. Minimize distractions, keep it simple to understand, don’t overdo any elements and surely your visitors will have a great experience on your landing page. The better the usability, the more likely are your visitors to convert.


If you want to make your landing page experience more relevant, make sure the quality of the content you offer is exquisite. Poor content will mean poor results. And, you do not want that happening.  Keep your content original, informative and interesting.


Speaking of video, let’s face the fact. There is no medium other than video that can engage and attract your visitors with ease. Human beings can’t attend to a thing more than 8 seconds. Thus, when they are on your landing page, you need to engage them every 8 seconds. Seems like a video at this point will definitely make sense.

Creating first impressions, increasing conversions by 80%, several studies state that, people spend an average 105% more time on a website’s landing page with video than on one without a video. Thereby, this prevents your visitors from bouncing off your landing page. Amazing huh?

But, don’t you want to know the benefits of doing so? In addition to making your landing page look good, the advantages of a landing page video are numerous, regardless of what type of video you incorporate.

Let’s discuss some of the key points of adding a video on your landing page right away:

How videos enhance your landing page

1. Increasing conversions just got simpler

One of the biggest challenges, as well as the ultimate goal of a landing page or any other marketing effort that your business takes, is to increase conversions. A lot of marketers are trying to figure out a way to do this. Seems like this is an area in which a video can excel. Instead of seeming sales-pitchy, it is informative and engaging which is why conversions are easier.

Studies show that adding a video on a landing page can increase your conversion rates by 80%. You are surely going to experience the impact and trust me when I say this - Without video, you are missing out on a huge chunk of a conversion opportunity.

2. It’s easier to hold their attention

As a marketer, you might have got your target customers to visit your landing page, but you also need them to stay on your page. Only then can they convert to become your customers. You don’t need to beg for attention if an engaging video is placed on your landing page.

In order to increase the dwell time your visitors stay on your landing page, as well as your conversion rates, there is no better option than a video. It has been proved that by just adding a video on your landing page, you can reduce your bounce rates by 34%. That’s the power of a landing page video.

3. Watch-ability outweighs read-ability 

Studies have proved that 60% of the people like watching a video on a landing page rather than reading the same information. Well, that’s a simple proof to back up why a landing page video might increase your chances of being your visitor’s favorite.

If you wish to tell them who you are, stop thinking about words you need to quote down to explain this. But, rather make a great video for your business and your marketing needs. Now that is a landing page which is going to take you to heights.

4. Encourages visual and memorable learning

When someone is watching a video, their visual and auditory senses are working. As per research, at least 65% of the human population are visual learners. We remember and understand what we see over what we read. Hence, by adding a video to your landing page, chances that your visitors remember and understand your business increases.

A landing page video will thereby make you more memorable and your business easily snackable. See? Your marketing is getting on the right track now

5. Trust and emotional connection is easily built

Music, voiceover, movement, story, etc. are all aspects of a video. Incorporating testimonial videos, case study videos, company story videos, etc. on your landing page is going to help you connect emotionally with your audience. They can relate more, engage more and understand more with your video.

This furthermore results in building a deeper connection and trust with your business. In order to achieve this marketing objective for your business, a video on your landing page is the right choice to make.

6. The complex becomes simple, boring becomes interesting

What would you prefer when it comes to understanding and picturizing something? Me showing you a picture of the moon or explaining it like this? -“ The moon is a crescent-shaped celestial body, that appears white or silver in color during the night.”

Well, undeniably the picture works better right? Similarly, a video on the landing page acts as an alternative to easily understand a large amount of text, which otherwise would be required to say who you are. In other words, a landing page video can make complex things simple and boring things interesting. Explainer videos and demo videos can do this work for you.

So, the above were the perks of adding a video to your landing page. Your business and your marketing efforts will always have a positive result with a great landing page, of course with a video on it.

Best practices for your landing page videos

By now you are aware of the advantages you can enjoy with a video on your business’s landing page. But, just any video won’t be enough. There are certain things you need to keep in mind while including a video on your landing page.

1. Make the thumbnail work for you

A tempting cuisine is impossible to resist. Similar is the case with a good thumbnail image. While including a video on your landing page, ensure that the thumbnail image is tempting enough to be clicked on. This can increase the conversions for your business.

2. Autoplay and non-autoplay

All that you get is 8 seconds to engage them on your landing page, and you want them to click play? Well, some might like taking control over the video content they consume. While some others may not have the time to think so much over. Best is that you test both autoplay and non-autoplay for your video and identify the best result.

3. Position it above the fold

We know that video is the hero. But what’s the point if it’s not placed correctly? Placing your video above the fold is important on your landing page. It should be at the top, be the center of attention and attract visitors instantly. Don’t make them scroll down way too much to see your landing page video.


4. Size your video right

You want your video to be the center of attention. For that, you need to size your video correctly when placing it on your landing page. Let it not scream for attention, that is, let it not be too big or let it not be difficult to find, meaning not too small.

5. Do not make it standalone

Keeping a video on the landing page is awesome. But, that does not mean there should only be the video. Don’t make it a standalone experience for viewers when they visit your landing page. Along with your video, incorporate some text, interesting elements, layouts etc. to make your landing page an appealing one.

6. Tell them what’s next with a CTA

You may or may not have a CTA in your video clip. That’s up to you. But make sure you have a CTA close to the video placement on your landing page. It is indeed essential to guide your visitors to the action they need to take once they are done watching your landing page video.


So it’s brain science. The text does not appeal to modern customers like how the video does. And your landing page is a great tool to create a lasting first impression. Meaning, a video on a landing page is what you need now!

Combine these two and get your video done right away with us. With an enchanting video, we assure to help you achieve your marketing objectives. And guess what? If you need to get your landing page done as well, we can help with that too. Check out our portfolio to know how good we are before you join hands with us!

Koushik Marka

Founder @ Studiotale. He is passionate about helping brands grow with video and has expertise in video marketing & 2D animation. When he is not working, he loves playing video games and traveling.


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