9 Types of Explainer Videos To Choose For Any Business

9 Types of Explainer Videos To Choose For Any Business

9 Types of Explainer Videos To Choose For Any Business 1124 708 Saandra Salim


It might have already come to your notice by now that videos are a part of our daily routine. While infiltrating every corner of social media and the web, taking up screens of every size and shape, explainer videos have an obvious centre of attention that is hard to miss.

Whether you own a mobile app, have a software developed, own a finance business, have Saas or tech related products or even work with the healthcare business, by now you must have probably decided to create an explainer video for sure! Now that the decision is made, it’s time to decide which explainer video type best suits your business idea. Since every business is bound to have signature looks, before you get lost in further search find out the different types of explainer videos that you can use and which will also help your rank higher.

Different explainer videos appeal to different segments, therefore some are a better fit in certain businesses due to communication and marketing necessities. Hence, we have broken down the top 10 types of explainer videos you can choose from for your business.

1. 2D Character Animated Explainer Video

Who said you can’t make an animated video for a serious company? Cartoons have kept us engaged and leisure-filled in childhood. Even as adults, they can grab our attention easily. Probably that is why a 2D character animated explainer video is a great choice for your business. Fun and pleasing characters are illustrated and animated to unfold your brand story, much as explaining the business in the most engaging way. They create a sense of identification with your brand, while also evoking a great sense of empathy and emotion. Character animated explainer videos can teach, explain and communicate for thousands of years, therefore they are a definite staple in the types of explainer videos.

If you wish to add a personal touch or a relaxed brand image to your explainer video, 2D character animated explainers are the right kind for you. They are ideal for elaborating on products with real-time use cases, customer journeys etc. In conclusion, they can be literally used by any business.


2. 2D Motion Graphics Animation

Chances are that your business idea is a little complex. Confused on how to explain it to your target audience? Well, 2D motion graphics explainer videos are ideal for you. The illustrations and animations are completely object oriented. From simple icons to complicated illustrations, these explainer videos make use of designs that are flat, gradient etc. to effortlessly engage the viewers. Furthermore, they have endless possibilities though they might sound simple. They are engaging, conceptual and straightforward, while making use of graphics and object animation to show how a product/service works.

If your business has a deep story, or is a little complex such as cryptocurrency or blockchain technology, seems like 2D motion graphics explainer videos are the right choice to make.


3. 2.5D Animated Explainer Video

You might have seen shadows for certain objects or an isometric view of things in certain animated explainers. In reality they are not 3D animated, but instead 2.5D animated. 2.5D animated explainer videos bridge between 2D and 3D where, 2D objects are drawn with perspective into a 2D space, appearing like 3D. With the usage of skills such as rendering, layering, shadows, depth of field etc. this animation is created. This deceives us into looking at a 3D object, when it actually is 2D.

This explainer video is a perfect adaptation for web based tech products and services such as Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain networks and Cryptocurrencies.


4. Screencast Explainer Video

Screencast explainer videos are a popular and easy to make type of video. It involves the recording of a video or capturing images from a device screen such as a mobile phone, computer etc. It is used to demonstrate the actual functioning of a software, tutorial of an app or any process with real use cases. Adding to the overall appeal can be an audio narration or music. A very convenient way to show the functioning of any complex process, such types of explainer videos are very simple yet effective in function.

If you wish to highlight your product more or onboard new users and new employees about your business, this video is a perfect example to watch.


5. Live Action Explainer Video

In order to build a personal relationship with potential customers, it is the best to use live action explainer videos. This type of explainer use real actors who are recorded on a camera, briefing about the product/service or acting out as per script. The usage of real time scenes and people, when mixed with the right emotions can make this type of an explainer video inform, engage and entertain at once. If an extra verve is required, animated elements can be incorporated to complement the overall outcome.

Since live action explainer videos humanize a business, they are best for companies where real time use cases and product showcase is a must. People like to see how things actually work in real life, so!


6. 3D Animated Explainer Videos

Without a doubt, no other animation can match to the strength of 3D animation, when considering the delivery of a stunning and concise portrait of a product or service. The objects in such an explainer video are 3-dimensional meaning, they can maneuver in 3 axes rather than 2 like in 2D. The objects created and animated in a 3D animated explainer video are more realistic because they can be given textures, lighting, live video elements etc. to make it look more lifelike. It brings actual life into illustrations due to which it can keep the viewers more immersed. They are the highest quality animation but, they however require more production cost and time.

As long as your marketing budget is not a major concern, 3D animated explainer videos are perfect for any business such as Industrial, medical, architecture, e-learning and so on.


7. Whiteboard Animated Explainer Video

The teacher needs a whiteboard in a classroom, a meeting room needs one for presentations, and you need one to explain your business to your audience. Even though it is a little old school, whiteboard animation is still a buzzword today. This type of explainer video is a great example of digital simplicity, where the recording is of illustrations drawn on a white board or similar surface with markers and pens, to explain a concept. Fun characters, phrases, scenes and anything that works like magic on an artist’s fingertips come to life in front of the viewer’s eye, therefore making it quite popular. There are several online platforms and softwares that are helpful in creating whiteboard animated videos on your own. Some of them are renderforest, rawshorts etc.

Chances are that your budget is a little low or you do not have much time to spare. In that case, whiteboard animated explainer videos are the perfect choice to make. They can explain your business and brand effectively in a short time span. However, they are perfect to be used by any business.


8. Stop Motion Explainer Video

Stop motion is a type of explainer video where the process involves photographing a single frame of an object, then moving the object slightly and shooting the next frame. When all the photographic frames are played together, it makes a sequence and creates an illusion of motion. This type of an explainer can be created using real life objects. After a great series of hard work from artists and creative folks, the end result of stop motion explainer videos are remarkable. It is a way of bringing a spring of life into inanimate objects.

Exceedingly captivating and enjoyable to watch, these explainer videos are ideal for new companies who wish to leave an enduring impression. They are likewise perfect to be utilized by anyone that has a connecting story to tell.


9. Typographic Explainer Videos

Text need not be boring always. If portrayed creatively, typography can also do your marketing with ease. Typographic explainer videos are extremely simple, and they use the right fonts and text animation in an engaging way to convey a message. With primary focus on type, they are ideal to convey information with large amounts of data and statistics. It is an easy and fast way to market your product overnight, with an engaging representation of your large textual information. Usage of colour and movement, when paired with an alluring music can do wonders to your data with the ease of a finger snap.

In case you have a lot of numerical data to convey, or need to explain your business/service via textual components, typographic explainer videos are your pick.


In conclusion, those were the best types of explainer videos to use while marketing your business. It is crucial to know the different types of explainer videos and their uses, in order to develop a killer video for your own business.

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