15 Best Examples Of Animated Commercials You Can’t Miss In 2019


Video marketing is an effective way to engage a wide range of audiences with your products and services. If a recent survey by Wyzowl is to be believed, a whopping 87% of today’s businesses make use of videos as a marketing strategy. With more than 25 billion in revenue last year, video advertising is definitely on its way to becoming the most attractive global industry. 

The most creative video ads have a way to remain etched in our memory for a long time. We watch these ads and feel like- “Oh! This brand is for people like me!” That’s what makes animated commercials the most sought-after element in marketing strategies for brand recognition.

If you are planning to include animated commercials in your video marketing strategy, here is all the inspiration that you need. We have curated 14 world-class examples of engaging animated commercials you can’t miss in 2019. Check them out and feel inspired!

Best Animated Commercials

If you are planning to include animated commercials in your video marketing strategy for your business, here is all the inspiration that you need. Here is an ultimate guide with 15 world-class examples of engaging animated commercials in 2019. Check out, and feel inspired!

1. Nespresso on Ice

Nespresso has definitely given us many animated commercial goals. Right from the 30-second clip of their limited-edition iced coffee blends, Nespresso has always mastered the art of delivering the message precisely.

Finnish designer Pietari Posti used a series of Mediterranean-themed illustrations to take the viewers on a yachting tour from a cliff-side pool over the sip of iced coffee.

This animated video stands out not only because of the seamless transitions but also due to the subtle use of background score. B2C businesses can take a cue from this advertisement to make a compelling video commercial for their own brand.

2. Wrapify

US startup Wrapify, which specializes in on-car advertising, came up with this beautiful concept ad. What stands out is the colorful narrative that takes the viewers through iconic landscapes in the USA.

This conveys that on-vehicle commercials are far more accessible than static billboards. It has a sense of warmth and universal appeal. The advertisement not only depicted ‘how’ Wrapify works, but also stresses on the point ‘why’.

If you are a B2B company, then this animated commercial can be an eye-opener on how to enhance your brand’s visibility.

3. Sherwin-Williams

As a part of their ‘Color Chips’ campaign, Sherwin-Williams created a bright and colorful African jungle with incredible animation. Created by McKinney along with Buck Studios, it took 30,000 paint chips, 24 production artists and 5600 hours of effort to come up with this 3D animated TV commercial.

It’s all about the transformation a coat of paint can provide to your beautiful home. If your organization deals with youth and vibrancy, then you could draw a lot of inspiration from this animated commercial.

4. Shakti Mat

This commercial video by ShaktiMat stands out because of its unique artistic-style graphics, pleasant voiceover and catchy background score. It clearly highlights the benefits of the product and ends with an effective call-to-action. 

The ShaktiMat is a bed of nails that activates various pressure points in the body in the form of a massage. This helps in muscle relaxation and healthy rest. This video style is a great option for B2C businesses, especially in the fitness and healthcare space.

5. Swiggy

The food delivery app turned about to be equally successful at delivering the message of purpose with style. Swiggy adopted a more traditional approach for this 3D animated commercial. The brand made perfect use of easy-on-the-eye visual effects and an engaging voiceover to grab attention. 

With an ability to keep the readers hooked till the end, it’s no doubt an effective way to communicate with your viewers. 

6. MasterCard

MasterCard is known for its clear usage of video adverts. They didn’t disappoint the viewers with their latest animated commercial titled ‘By the Numbers’.

This advert can provide much-needed inspiration to businesses in the financial services sector. It features cool visual and sound effects with a pleasant voice-over doing the explanation. There’s nothing fancy – simplicity is the key here to keep the viewers engaged.

7. Coachademy

On-demand corporate coaching app Coachademy released this animated commercial 3 years ago. It depicts, with the help of creative animation and an effective voiceover, how Coachademy helps professionals in resolving career-related issues.

The aspect that registers immediately is the colorful scenes that seamlessly migrate from one point to another. The verbal script with a soothing background score complements the graphics well.

Watch this commercial to get inspired and please your audiences on the go!

8. Vidacare

Want to tell a beautiful brand story accompanied by masterful graphics and a cool voiceover? Watch out for this amazing animated commercial from Vidacare. It has everything that you would expect from a meaningful advertisement campaign – background, explanation, relevance and a compelling call to action. B2B or B2C, no matter what type of business you are operating, this approach can be profitable for all industry verticals.

9. Airbnb Cycling Experiences

If you are trying to promote your products and services through a notable event, then take a cue from this commercial by Airbnb. They have used Tour De France to inspire cycling enthusiasts to use the unique cycling experiences offered by them.

The usage of bold colors and a trendy background score deserve special mention. Developed by Illo Studio under the direction of Ilenia Notarangelo, this animated commercial garnered rave reviews for its minimalist illustrations and cool graphics.

10. Slack – Traffic

Need the inspiration to promote teamwork? Look no further than this stunning animated commercial by Slack. It’s humorous as well as informative at the same time. The viewers would laugh their hearts out, yet won’t miss the subtle message. If your target audience is the younger generation, then there couldn’t be a better style to draw their attention.

11. Dropbox – Campus Cup

If you are wondering how to put across your message creatively, then watch this commercial by Dropbox and put on your thinking cap again. This promotional video uses smooth transitions to take you from one scene to another with the smart use of graphics and background commentary. It’s an innovative way for a B2B enterprise to introduce its promotional offers.

12. WhatsApp-End-to-End Encryption

Looking forward to showcasing your care for prospective customers? WhatsApp does that in style with this animated commercial promoting end-to-end security and privacy.

The graphic elements in this advert are refreshingly new. A soothing melody playing in the background accompanied by the lovely use of text perfectly conveys the underlying message. You can use this concept as the base to create a compelling infomercial for your B2B brand.

13. Shopify

Dreamy representation has always been a mainstay in the advertising space. Shopify used the same approach in this commercial with some stunning implementation of animation and sound effects. A competent voiceover in the background adds charm to the visuals.

If you want to attract your audiences through animated TV commercial videos and pre-roll internet videos, then this example would have definitely provided you with a clue.

14. Mailchimp

This interesting 2D animated commercial by Mailchimp proves that you don’t necessarily need heavy graphics to get your point across. The use of stop-motion animation, a chirpy voiceover, and apt sound effects make this commercial stand out. B2B businesses can use this video style to create a commercial for their brand. 

15. Android

Google’s mobile OS Android launched this animated advert titled ‘Be Together, Not the Same’ during the 2016 Academy Awards. It has a subtle way of delivering the anti-bullying message and it proved to be an immediate crowd pleaser. The background music of John Parr’s epic eighties hit ‘Set Elmo’s Fire’ elevates the video to a new dimension.

This animated commercial takes people on a nostalgic ride and ensures that the viewers are engaged until the last second. This approach can prove to be helpful for both B2B and B2C businesses.


We hope that you will find this round-up of the best animated commercials entertaining, if not inspiring. Animated commercials are all about grabbing the viewers’ attention and making a lasting impression. 

Depending on your budget, you could opt for an online video tool or a video production agency. 

Make the commercials share-worthy with a distinct ‘call to action’ and reach out to a larger set of audience. 

Thinking of making a commercial soon? Feel free to set up a call with us. We’d love to help you create an awesome commercial video for your brand!

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