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15 Top Animated Infographic Video Examples To Draw Inspiration

Koushik Marka
November 2, 2018

Hey! We think you are here reading our article for three reasons: You either need an infographic animated video. You want to know about infographic animation. Or you want to know why everybody today loves infographic animated videos. Well, we have answers to all these.

Today, the information superhighway faces a jam with traffic. There is textual information overload everywhere. In that case, infographic animated videos take your game to the next level.

Animated infographic videos are a combination of images, colors, illustrations, and movements. They are engaging, entertaining and informative at once. It is nothing but a visual representation of data, statistics and more in the form of video. In fact, business2community states that the human brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than text.

That is why today animated infographics videos have taken center stage of visual representation of data. They can convey complex and concrete information effortlessly. They breathe life into sheets of boring facts, charts, and mundane numbers.

Below are a few examples of the top 15 animated infographic video examples. See for yourself how these animated infographic videos can be an inspiration. They will surely help you stay ahead of the marketing game for your business.


Nextdoor is a private social networking for people living in the same locality. Neighbors and community members can talk online about things that matter to them. And the content shared in person with neighbors stays safe and sound. You can access this service either from your mobile application or from their website.

The animated explainer video for Nextdoor is a flawless example of simplicity. The video uses simple, line/stroke illustrations throughout. Moreover, the animation is extremely simple and smooth. The script and storyboard are quite easy to understand.

It’s minimalistic and interesting design makes it one of our favorites. This video is a perfect inspiration for intakes if you have a mobile app or website. If minimalism is your design idea, watch this animated explainer video example right away.


Chai is a Hebrew word that means ‘life’ or ‘living’ or ‘alive’. It has numeric and symbolic significance among the Jews.

The infographic animated video here gives a very clear explanation about the significance of chai. It gives you the knowledge of how the word is interpreted in different ways. The illustrations are unique and unsophisticated.

The animator has outdone himself in the animation in the video. A calming music track makes the video even more appealing. Do you need to explain something in brief, but in a simple and calm manner? Then this infographic video example is the kind that suits you best.

US Population

Ever wondered how the US would look like if it was not as populated as now? Well, the entire statistics would take a flip right?

The animated infographic video example here depicts how the United States would be if it had only 100 people? The one thing that makes this video stand out is its script and voiceover. They are so strong and blend well together to convey the message with effect.

Speaking of the color palette, it is quite vibrant and colorful yet aesthetic. Using simple character design, illustration, and animation, you can explain your business or a message you wish to convey easily. But, before that refer to this infographic video example.


Takepart is a motion picture studio that focuses on issues of social justice. And one such problem they address was that of education in America.

The animated infographic video here for the same is a great example of an amazing concept. The storyboard and script take the viewer through the situation with ease. The illustrations and animation are extremely unique and clearly depicts the message.

It has a very soothing music track and minimal usage of colors. This infographic video example is a perfect reference if you want to make a very simple, yet impactful video for your business.


Piriton is a medicinal syrup used to treat allergic symptoms caused by several reasons. The syrup is being advertised as a fast and immediate relief to all your family’s allergic needs.

The animated infographic video for Piriton explains the same. The video is a combination of extremely cute character animation combined with a mild and subtle voiceover. The simple and childish illustrations make the video quite likable.

Also, the video has the ability to engage the viewers and evoke emotions. If your business idea needs a cute, emotional and engaging explanation, watch this video example now.  

Google Fun Facts

Well, who doesn’t know Google now? We search the world’s information, images, videos and even more on this search engine today. And their journey so far is also quite interesting to take a peek into.

The animated infographic video here explains the same in the most fun and engaging way. The illustrations are in a color palette derived from the logo of Google. This infographic video is a perfect example of how a great storyboard and animation together can do wonders for your business video.

Complemented by a great narrative and an energetic track, the video is simply amazing. If you wish to portray your journey or business in a way that is unique, energetic and colorful, watch this animated infographic video example right away.

Power Of The Tire

Power of the tire is a satirical piece. It depicts the current political and economic situation in the country of Lebanon. It does not reflect any real situation, but an interpretation of the community.

The animated infographic video here has made an impact that is irreplaceable. The video uses an amazing script and storyboard to portray the future of the economy and society. It is coupled with a great narrative, subtle music, and a strong message.

Are you a business that is socially responsible? Do you want to make a video that has a great impact and is precise to the point? Then this animated infographic video is an example you wouldn’t want to miss.


Epson is an electronics company with an extensive range of multifunctional printers. The company markets and supports printers within various categories and for various uses. They are also a leading manufacturer in information and imaging related equipment.

The animated infographic video for Epson has a wow factor. It's very energetic with a clean and vivid color palette. With simple designs and lively animation, the video is an epitome of positivity and vibrancy.

The business concept is being conveyed in a fresh and colorful way, making the viewers dive into the video and watch till the end. Whether you have a hardware or a software product, you can refer to this infographic video example. It is a perfect example of how positive an impact you can create with a simple infographic video.  


Walmart is a multinational retail corporation. It operates a chain of hypermarkets, department stores and grocery stores at various locations across the world. They continue to be a leader in sustainability and employment opportunity.

This animated infographic video is the perfect example of an amazing script. The business idea of Walmart is explained effectively in this video using creative illustration and animation. The video sticks to a very cool color palette.

The overall mood of the video is quite calm and serene. Regardless of what your business is, you can make use of this video as a perfect example to refer to if you want a calm, simple and to the point infographic animated video.

Omega Pharma

Omega Pharma is a pharmaceutical company. They market health and personal care products to the public. And what’s the best part? The end consumer has access to their products without a medical prescription.

The animated infographic video for Omega Pharma uses simple illustrations. Their unique character design uses stick figures. Coupled with a great narrative and script, this video animation is minimal yet in an interesting way.

Explaining the business effectively, this video has the capability to take your viewers visually wired. A clean and vivid color palette is yet another added advantage. So, no matter what your business is if you wish to make a simple video but with verve, this is an example to remember.

City Electric Supply (CES)

CES is a family owned electric wholesale business. They provide the best service and support for customers in the residential, commercial and industrial markets. Their “customer service first” core value has helped their business grow over the years.

The animated infographic video is one example that will not let you leave the video without some inspiration. The video does not have a voiceover explaining. Instead, simple line/stroke illustrations, creative animation, and a mystic and energetic music track do all the legwork.

Do you wish to create a great impact, without making your business video too fancy or gaudy? This infographic animated video is one that you can always refer to for some inspiration.

Scribble Live

Scribble Live is a cloud-based content provider platform. Now, it is easy for companies to manage their content lifecycle with this software. Whether it is ideation, planning, creation or distribution, Scribble lives makes it all easier for you.

Scribble Live, and its functioning is effectively explained in this animated infographic video. The video uses simple illustrations and mockup screens for the same. Coupled with the perfect narrative, the video takes you through the software. It can hold the viewer’s attention with ease.

Are you a SaaS provider, a mobile application or a B2B business? Anyways, if you want a simple and effective video to leverage your business, this infographic example video is something you might want to watch.


Crowdcube is the world’s first online equity crowdfunding and investing platform. Crowdcube enables individuals to either invest or loan in companies on the platform. In return, the investors get equity or an annual return.

The infographic animated video for Crowdcube introduces the business idea in an engaging way. The video is no run-of-the-mill work. The animation, storyboard, narrative, and music altogether has an energetic and exciting vibe.

There is an uplifting feeling of joy and liveliness in the video. Accompanied by a clean and vivid color palette, this video is a must-watch if you need a video that has energy and is astounding.

Open Text

Open Text is a leader in EIM (enterprise information management). It enables businesses to grow faster, reduce operational costs and information governance. It also helps in decreasing security risks by improving the business insight, impact and process speed.

The infographic video example for Open Text is an epitome of uniqueness. There is a lot of creativity that goes into the animation. The video follows a very clean and cool colour palette. Submissive music runs in the background along with the narrative.

The message is being conveyed in a fresh and fun manner making it easily digestible. Is your business motto to effortlessly convey your message? Then, this animated infographic video example is an ace up your sleeve.

AT&T Cargo View

AT&T cargo view is a small and light-weight sensor based device. This IoT product is placed in shipments to continuously monitor the well-being of valuable cargo. Also, another highlight of this product is that it is safe for aircraft and can be used regardless of transit mode.

This animated infographic video explains the device in brief even without showing the product actually. The video is persuasive and at the same time easily digestible. A simple colour palette, subtle music track and clear voice over compliments the overall outcome.

Do you own an IoT product or a hardware product? Or do you wish to make a simple yet effective video for your business? Then refer to this video infographic example to do wonders.

Key Takeaways

We’ve put together a few points you should consider before diving into making one.

  • Don’t confuse yourself when it comes to video length. Shorter animated infographic videos are a definitely better investment.
  • The concept rules the video. Ensure to have a strong and creative concept to your script and animation. Results will flow in automatically.
  • Transform the complex into simple and boring into interesting. No matter what kind of data you show. Make them all easily snackable.

To Conclude

So, animated infographic videos are not a mere slice of entertainment. But it is a lot of meaningful information conveyed effectively. Easy to digest, engaging and informative, they are perfect to quench your viewers thirst for useful information.

So, are you planning on creating an animated infographic for your business? Well done! But make sure your video falls into the right hands. Choosing the right video production agency has a huge role to play in your video’s quality.

We, at Studiotale, can help you with an animated infographic video to outshine your competition. We produce inspiring infographic animated videos focused on your business goals. We provide the same level of care and attention to every creative piece of work.

Our proven animation process means project delays do not happen. To back this up, we have a portfolio of the best works so far. So ready to close your deals faster with an animated infographic video? Reach out to us straight away!

Koushik Marka

Founder @ Studiotale. He is passionate about helping brands grow with video and has expertise in video marketing & 2D animation. When he is not working, he loves playing video games and traveling.


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