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Explainer Video Production

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What is an Explainer Video?

Explainer videos introduce and explain your brand, product or service to your target audience in a light-hearted, fun and engaging way. They talk about an existing problem, introduce your solution and explore the features and benefits of your product so that the audience has a better understanding of how it works. Oh, and it all happens in under 2 minutes – meaning your idea is translated to the audience before their attention can wander. That’s the goal – To break down complex concepts into simple language that leaves the viewer with a clear understanding of the subject.

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When do you use them?

Explainer videos work best when you want to introduce a product or concept that is new to the target audience. This is the awareness stage of the sales funnel – the phase in a buyer’s journey where they have become aware of the problem and are actively looking for solutions to it. Put them on your homepage, product page, social media pages, in your sales demos – and quickly convert more prospects into customers!

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Under 2 Minutes

Conversational tone

Explains the benefits clearly

A strong CTA

Engaging narrative

Why a Studiotale explainer video?

Glad you asked. We’re great at simplifying messages
and connecting them to emotions. It’s what we love
doing. First, we get to know your product and
understand the idea behind it to create a video that
perfectly matches your brand’s tone. It could be a
serious live-action video or a more light-hearted
animated one. Whatever the case, our explainer
videos don’t just explain your idea, they highlight
the benefits of your solution in a way that helps your
consumers take the desired action.

There’s a reason we’re called the best.

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