How To Write An Explainer Video Script

Confused with your explainer video script? This article will help you create the best explainer video script that connects with your target audience. Everything that you need to know from tone to the length of the explainer video.

We understand you have an awesome product or service. You are all set to solve the problems of your target audience. However, your customer isn’t aware of this. And this is where explainer videos come in handy to bridge this gap. Further, simplifying your communication with the consumer.

What makes this minute-long explainer video so significant?

The human brain processes audio and video separately. That is to say, when presented with audio-video files, the information is processed with greater ease.

This crunched down explainer video is to state your business offering. Hence, it calls for a good explainer video script. The goal is to create brand awareness and entice the audience at the same time.

This article will highlight the best approach to write an explainer video script. To start with, let us first check the ideal length of the explainer video script.

1. Length of the Explainer Video Script

It is recommended to keep the explainer video script short. How short may you ask? Usually, the best explainer video scripts are about 60 to 90 seconds long.


90 seconds are enough to explain your brand functionality. Moreover, you might end up boring the visitor if you step out of this bracket. Above all, do not exceed 150 words per minute in your explainer video script. That is to say, 210 to 225 words for a 90 seconds video.

Likewise, the next step is to decide the narrative format for your explainer video script.

2. Identify your Story

Often times we find the explainer videos to be misleading. That is to say all over the place. As a writer of the explainer video script, your responsibility is to create a clear and concise story. Once you have the clarity, you will be able to reflect the same on screen.

To understand the right approach you can fill in the creative brief by Studiotale. In short, this will provide you a fair idea about the tone and the main points to focus while drafting the explainer video script.

Your story belongs to either of two categories: Problem-Solution Approach or Stand-alone Story Approach. Meanwhile, let us break down the two approach and the narrative formats to help you craft a strong explainer video script.

Problem-Solution Approach

This approach is employed, when you are addressing a well-known problem with your product or service. Besides, a problem statement that your target audience will connect with immediately. As a result, you spend about 20 percent of the video addressing the problem. And follow it up with the features of your product or service; solving this problem. Meanwhile, do not spend more time focusing on the problem as it will just deviate the audience. In short, you want them thinking about your offer, not the problem statement.

For instance, check out this video by CrazyEgg. It starts by pointing at the issue faced by small web businesses i.e. the conversions. This 2-minute 30-second video uses the first 40 seconds to introduce the problem statement. Also, describing the inefficiency of Google Analytics to boost conversions. Meanwhile, the rest of the video promotes Crazy Egg stating the benefits of using the service. To sum up, it tells you how the heat map feature of Crazy Egg uplifts the sales of the small web businesses. That is to say, provides information on the region to target in your webpage for maximum conversions.

Stand-alone story Approach

If you are dealing with an innovative concept, i.e. Launching a new product or service unknown to people. This is when you need a layout, a clear outline for your narrative. Besides, you can’t just start with the problem statement, as the technology or the concept is new for the people to relate. More importantly, you tell a self-contained story with this approach. Therefore, moving from one point to other cleanly and efficiently.

For example, this explainer video by Amazon launching Amazon Go. This application simplifies the shopping process. To clarify, you can just walk into an Amazon store and walk out with your product. Above all, everything from registration to billing will be taken care of this application. Also, they have a very catchy tagline for this new technology: Just Walk Out.

Now, let us figure out the structure to your explainer video script.

3. Overall Structure

Let us check out the basic structure before you start writing the explainer video script. The focus points in your storyboard are listed below.

  • Problem Statements: You start with the problem statement; about 15 to 20 seconds long.
  • Product Launch: Then you launch the product. Which usually includes the name of your product with the tagline. It should not take much of your video time either.
  • Features: After that, follow it up with the features of your business addressing the problem statement. This section needs to be very clear. The important point to remember is not to oversell.
  • Benefits: The next segment, is where you highlight the benefits. What makes you different from others? What is your X-factor? This is your time to make the audience fantasize about your service or product.
  • CTA: How can you forget the call to action? Close your video with an actionable comment for your audience. This closing segment again is clear and concise.

Here is an explainer video script along with the video for Atoka by Studiotale. This will help you uncomplicate the whole process. To give you some context, Atoka is a search platform providing business-related information on Italian and British companies.

Atoka Script:


Atoka Video:

You are all set with the structure — the critical question to ask if you have determined the tone of the explainer video.

4. The tone of the Video

If you have done proper research, you would know the demographics of the target audience. This information will help you decide the effective tone for your explainer video script.

You would either want seriousness throughout the video. Or a touch of humor in your explainer video script. Consequently, being aware of the tone will help you frame the best explainer video script.

Let us take an example of Notarize, who used humor in their explainer video script to market their service. They took the least interesting activity i.e. notarization and made it fun, interesting and worth a watch. They realized this dry subject needs some revamp if they want the target audience to value their offer.

To clarify, Notarize, is an application which lets you video call the licensed notary public. So you can sit at home while your notary work is being done.

Finally, before wrapping it up.

5. Strong Call To Action

You have done the hard work of writing the key features of your product; Including the effort which has gone into the research to connect with the audience. All this would be pointless if you do not provide them with a strong call to action.

You have to guide the audience with an actionable comment, right after they finished watching your video. Don’t leave them hanging, tell them what you expect them to do.

Check this explainer video by IZI. To clarify, IZI helps you optimize your meetings by taking important notes. This demo video clearly tells you to start the trial right before it ends. In other words, guiding the target audience to conversion.

To Sum Up

When you are in a leadership position, you have to think of the different ways to capture your audience attention. Most importantly, lead them to conversion. The explainer videos are the best approach to the close the deal.

Therefore the explainer video script plays a significant role to decide your growth. Reach more people with better explainer video script.

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