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15 Brilliant Mobile App Videos That Will Inspire You

Koushik Marka
July 8, 2019

It's time.

The hard work you’ve been putting in for all those months has finally paid off.

Your shiny new mobile application is ready to hit the app stores - at long last!

It’s a proud moment, I know.

But I feel like I should warn you - you’re far from done. 

You still need to catch the eyeballs of your target audience and convince them that your app is the solution they’ve been looking for.

That their lives are going to be so much simpler with your app in their pockets.

That they’ll be missing out on a lot if they don’t download it right now!

Trust me when I tell you - this isn’t going to be a walk in the park.

With thousands and thousands of highly engaging mobile apps to compete with, catching the attention of the users can prove difficult. 

And that’s where the right mobile app video can come to your rescue, helping you grab your audience’s attention and leave an impression in their minds.

Let’s show you how with our list of the best examples of Mobile App Videos, compiled for your inspiration.

The Absolute Best Mobile App Explainer Videos


Let’s get started.

1. Reddit

Within ten years of its existence, Reddit has become the fifth most visited website in the United States. So when this innovative company announced the launch of their mobile app, they decided to do it with a killer video production.

Voiced by Tommy Chong and directed by Zac Dixon, this Mobile App Video has some really smooth animation and an easy to follow storyline, making it a great entry for this list

2. NearMinder

NearMinder is a mobile app that reminds you of your chores based on your location and your proximity to people and places. The app works by allowing users to create location-based reminders and receive notifications when they get closer to them.

Consisting of a wonderful narrative, enchanting animation, and a casual voiceover, this mobile app explainer video produced by Studiotale ticks all the right boxes. The video ends with a Call To Action asking viewers to download NearMinder from Google Play. 

Simple, yet effective.

3. Airbnb

Airbnb needs no introduction. When this already popular platform decided to launch their app, they went about it by making a Mobile App Video in a red and black color scheme.

Well, it definitely caught our attention.

With an aesthetic design language that quickly explains how Airbnb works, this Mobile App Video ends by persuading viewers to download the app from the AppStore.

4. Apple Card

Published on 25th March 2019 and already viewed more than 17 million times, this Mobile App Explainer Video from Apple talks about their soon to be released credit card. With Apple’s iconic design language and perfect execution, this video deserves accolades.

The Mobile App Launch Video features a clear voiceover and beautiful graphics, explaining to the users the features that set The Apple Card a class apart from your standard credit cards.

5. Oval

Do you have a spending problem? Do you need help maintaining and growing your savings?

Oval Money is what you need. 

Oval Money acts a personal savings assistant, adding spare change to your daily savings and showing how much you’ve saved each day.

In addition to tracking and monitoring your expenses, the app lets you save money every time you do certain tasks – like buying a coffee or running a 5k.

The entire concept is explained beautifully in this powerful live-action app launch video using informative motion graphics. The video ends with a quick call-to-action asking users to download the app.

6. Musixmatch

This Mobile App Explainer Video from Musixmatch will convince any music lover to download it.

Musixmatch doesn’t just let you listen to music, it also allows you to edit, delete and contribute to the lyrics database for certain songs. The app is perfectly represented with head-turning animation and a catchy background score.

The video gets its point across without the usual voiceover. The background song sets the tone for the video perfectly, reflecting how simple and user-friendly the app is. The video ends with a Call To Action urging the people to download the app.

7. Spotify Party

Get your party started with the Spotify Party App!

With the ability to curate a comprehensive collection of playlists while mixing and matching different beats, you won’t have to get a DJ to your next pool party!

This video commercial by Spotify Party hits just the right groove, explaining everything you need to know about the app. Just like the Musixmatch app video, this one doesn’t use a voiceover either, relying solely on the background music and captions to keep the video engaging.

8. Triplt

As the name suggests, TripIt simplifies your trips on the go. From giving you travel details to organizing your itinerary on one simple, intuitive platform, TripIt takes care of your trip for you.

This is conveyed beautifully with the help of this Mobile App Video. Portraying a fictional character using a relatable storyline and a casual voiceover, this video shows you exactly how the app smoothes out your travel plans.

9. Google Translate

Breaking all language barriers, the Google Translate app is all you need to communicate with people anywhere in the world. Just like the app itself, this mobile app video is an effective conversation starter and puts its point across as simply and elegantly as possible.

10. Google Calendar

This is another example of a brilliant Mobile App Explainer Video that you should check out. 

When Google introduced its Google Calendar app, they decided to make a wonderful explainer video to launch it.

With simple voiceover that mentions this and that among other things, the video successfully grabs the viewer’s attention and explains the utility of the app. It is worth noting that the video counters the difficulty of portraying an abstract subject by visualizing it artistically.

11. Square

Quick, customizable, and free - the Square Invoices app makes sending invoices to clients and getting paid as simple as counting from 1 to 3.

This Mobile App Explainer Video gives us a glimpse of the app’s usage and shows us how its features can “decrease payment collection time from Weeks to Days”. 

With a subtle blue and white colour scheme and some fluid animation, this Mobile App Video perfectly demonstrates how useful Square can be for any business owner.

12. Need Done

Need Done is an interesting app that acts as a database of your trusted backup help - be it babysitters, plumbers, house-keepers and more! 

In this visually engaging Mobile App Explainer Video, the viewer is shown how easily the app helps them manage contacts to complete tasks that they Need Done.

The animated explainer video also showcases a pretty cool feature of the app, allowing you to share your database with a friend, so that they can use your go-to list too.

The entertaining story line, brilliant visuals and the ease with which it simplifies an abstract concept are why this Mobile App Explainer Video qualifies as a prime example.

13. SpeakOn

Speakon chat has revolutionized the way communication is done. 

While you can communicate through emojis, text, video, audio, and create group conversations, SpeakOn has some pretty cool added features.

Like an inbuilt translator that allows you to text in different languages, a polling tool that allows you to understand opinions and a lot more.

The app’s innovative features are put on display with an entertaining mobile app explainer video, complete with adorable characters and an ingenious narrative.

14. USA Today

USA Today is the leading news app of USA. Providing the pulse of the nation in the palm of your hand, the publication recently released its news app with an app launch video that you can’t help but watch.

This mobile app video doesn’t use a voiceover, a heavy background score or even any text. 

USA Today subtly gets the point across by translating their purpose into visually stunning animations.


15. Lyft

Lyft lets you pool cars, bicycles, and bikes with new people, helping you save money and make new friends on your way to your destination.

The concept of making new friends is heavily underlined in this mobile app explainer video,  making the app feel positive and adding value to its function. 

With beautiful visuals, a friendly voiceover and some pretty strong assurances, Lyft removes all doubts from the minds of newer users and shows them how useful the app is.

Wrapping Up

All it takes to create an amazing Mobile App Videos is some imagination and out of the box thinking. 

An innovative Mobile App Explainer Video is always going to get more attention from audiences. The increased interest will help you get the point across much more effectively. 

With Mobile App Launch Videos in your marketing strategy, your business’ sales are going to go up - exponentially.

Do you agree with our picks for the best Mobile App Videos? Do you think we missed out any videos? Let us know in the comments below!

Already have an interesting idea for a mobile app video, but need someone to produce it? Get in touch with us right now!

Koushik Marka

Founder @ Studiotale. He is passionate about helping brands grow with video and has expertise in video marketing & 2D animation. When he is not working, he loves playing video games and traveling.


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