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20 Best Animated Explainer Video Examples To Draw Inspiration

Koushik Marka
October 18, 2018

We are all grown ups now. And we lost a few abilities in the process. We no more can draw on walls, jump on the bed or cry for ice-creams. But, one thing we still love and can do is watch animated videos.

Like how we watched cartoons earlier, today animated videos and movies makes us fall in love all over again - just like a healthy kid! Because of the very same reason, animated videos are every business’s go-to-marketing tool today. Businesses today realize how something as light-hearted as an animated explainer video can create huge impacts.

Today, businesses of every kind use animated explainer videos to explain and promote their product or service. 97% of marketers say that these videos have helped their users understand their product better. They are nothing but short and engaging videos used to explain a product or service.

With unlimited possibilities, animated explainer videos can show how your product has a solution to a problem the people face. They induce a happy feeling and unlock your business idea in a couple of minutes.

In this article, we have curated a list of the top 20 animated explainer videos that crossed us. They will surely give you some inspiration when you make an animated explainer video of your own. Scroll through them right away!


Nextdoor is a private social networking for people living in the same locality. Neighbors and community members can talk online about things that matter to them. And the content shared in person with neighbors stays safe and sound. You can access this service either from your mobile application or from their website.

The animated explainer video for Nextdoor is a flawless example of simplicity. The video uses simple, line/stroke illustrations throughout. Moreover, the animation is extremely simple and smooth. The script and storyboard are quite easy to understand. It’s minimalistic and interesting design makes it one of our favorites.

This video is a perfect inspiration for intakes if you have a mobile app or website. If minimalism is your design idea, watch this animated explainer video example right away.


Slack is where work happens with ease. Slack has tools and services you already use, the information you are looking for and people you need to interact with. They all work under one platform to get things done easier and faster.

The video for Slack is a perfect example of how a simply animated explainer can create huge impacts. The video uses geometric shapes and forms derived from the logo colors. They are interestingly animated to take the viewers through an amazing experience.

The highlight of this video is a simple and straight storyboard. In less than 2 minutes, the product is successfully explained. If your business needs an animated explainer video to have a great concept and creative animation without using any characters or product screens, this video is a must watch.


Headspace is a medical and healthcare app for meditation. It has hundreds of themed sessions. Also, it acts as a personalized meditation guide, right in your pocket.

Headspace created an animated explainer video to show their product. The video uses charming characters to represent different scenarios. This thereby adds a touch of humor and visual metaphor to the video.

A subject as calm as meditation has been engagingly conveyed through this video. The video uses a simple voiceover and a gentle color palette. Is adding humor and being fun your way of interacting with the viewers? Then, this video example is a must-watch.


Saniswiss offers a professional range of safe, eco-friendly sanitizers and cleaners. You need to have the hardware product at your home, office or anywhere else. Saniswiss will sanitize your surroundings without a trace or mark of its presence.

The motion graphics video for Saniswiss uses simple illustrations and animation. The drawings are all in custom colors, derived from the Saniswiss logo. Both the story and storyboard is direct and straightforward.

Thereby, this makes it easier for the viewers to understand the product. The product mock-up is also shown amidst the video. Thus, this leaves the viewers clear of what Saniswiss does. If you have a hardware product that can make lives more comfortable, this motion graphics video is a great example to watch.

Visual Recognition

Visual recognition technology is the ability of software to identify objects, places, people and beyond in images. This technology is entirely AI-powered. Computers can machine vision technologies to recognize the world around visually.

This animated explainer video for visual recognition speaks precisely the same. Using a frame by frame character animation, the video has a gleeful color palette. The animation is also unique and exciting.

In less than 2 minutes, the video walks us through various instances of visual recognition. Maybe your product or service is a little complex to digest. In that case, use this type of animated explainer video to convey your message with ease and effect.

Adobe CMO

Adobe CMO is a platform that is useful for marketers of today. It delivers marketing insights, expertise and inspiration for marketers. The marketers can contribute as well as receive inputs from this platform.

The animated explainer video for CMO is one of our favorites because of its concept. The entire story is being depicted through a simple ball that takes us through the story. A straightforward storyline and minimal color usage make this video easy to understand.

Regardless of your business, if you wish to convey your business idea through an amazing concept, this animated explainer video is the right example to watch now.


Asana is a web and mobile application for offices. It helps businesses organize, track and manage their work’s efficiency. It is useful to keep work on schedule and manage everything with proper updates.

The script of Asana’s animated explainer video is really interesting. In order to depict this visually, cool illustrations and animation are being used in this video. The designs, characters and color palette is simply energetic.

Within a minute’s duration, the video is able to captivate the audience while explaining what Asana is all about. If you are either a B2B business, an SMB or a Saas, you can convey your business idea in a cool, energetic and flawless manner after watching this video.


Slack is a workplace where your team members can come together collaborate. You can share and receive important information from different people. Also, all the critical tools that you use are also available. All this together makes your work easier.

The animated explainer video for Slack is one fantastic example of how a video can speak for itself without a narrative. Interesting character design, appealing colors and a subtle music track make it look even better.

You can make use of this kind of video if you have a B2B business of your own. Use them in your promotion strategy to obtain the desired outcome.


Parkbench is a community inclusive of all hyper-local neighborhood websites. Each of these neighborhood websites is being sponsored by one real estate professional. The real estate professional should be community-minded and care about it. Their objective is to bring people, businesses, and neighborhoods close to each other.

The animated explainer video for Parkbench is quite cool because of multiple factors. The video follows a monochromatic and serene color palette. The character design is simple and animated smoothly. There is no music track in the background.

Even then, the video looks and feels optimistic and pleasing. It is said that simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication. If that’s how you want to make your video look like, this animated explainer video can give you some takeaways.


Mastercard is one of the world’s leading global payments and technology company. It connects consumers, businesses, merchants, and governments around the world financially. It has consumer credit, prepaid and debit cards available to consumers.

The animated explainer video for Mastercard uses unique character design throughout. The usage of a simple script and submissive colours makes it easily digestible. The video animation is in an engaging and light manner.

If you have a product from the finance sector, or if it is a little complicated and tough to explain, this animated explainer video is one that you would always refer to.


Kokoso is a baby skin care brand. It is particularly known for its extra virgin and lightweight coconut oil for babies. They help babies extra soft and mild skin.

The animated explainer video for Kokoso is very heartwarming. It depicts the story of a mother who goes in search of a remedy to get a soft skin for her baby. The entire character depiction and animation is very cute and mild.

The color palette also remains subtle to suit the brand. Combined with a lovely voiceover, the video connects emotionally with the target audience. Maybe you have a product or service that is light-hearted and simple. Then, this animated explainer video example for Kokoso can give you some takeaways.

Text Me Up

Text Me Up is a mobile application that revolutionises texting. You can call or text anyone in the world, even if they are not using the app. You can also create multiple numbers on the app for various uses. All you need is one application to manage them all.

The animated explainer video for Text Me Up has a very conversational script and narrative. This makes the video easily relatable and amiable. The video uses cute animal characters depicting the concept and interacting with each other.

Thus, there is a sense of energy and youthfulness to the video. Is that the kind of video you also wish to make? Then watch this video example right away.

Thor Token

Thor token is a blockchain powered gig economy. It connects the gig economy workers with an access to affordable health care, job networks, and retirement planning. Both freelancers and on-demand companies can now access free paycheck processing.

A great narrative, creative storyboard, simple and engaging illustration, and animation. That is what this video is all about. The video uses simple object-based motion graphics animation. It gives a brief about how Thor token is helpful in empowering the gig economy.

A perfect animated explainer video example of smooth movement and simple color palette. This video is one you can look up to if you think that your product is a little complicated to put into words. It is a perfect example of how boring can become interesting with an engaging animated explainer video.


Mesosphere DC/OS is a compliant and flexible platform. It is of use to containerized data-intensive applications. You can automate rollout and production operations for containers and data services.

The animated explainer video for Mesosphere DC/OS has designs and illustrations derived from the logo. It has a unique example of isometric and standard illustrations in one video.

Since the business idea is complex, the storyboard and animation simplifies it in the best way. It is direct and straight to the point. If you wish to go clear cut and make things easily snackable about your business, this animated explainer video is a great example.


Coachademy is a mobile application for on-demand corporate training. It is particularly useful to target stress and wellness at work. It connects users to professional coaches who can advise them on various professional concerns.

The animated explainer video for Coachademy has a very optimistic mood to follow. It is a perfect example of how unique character depiction and vibrant colors can make your video look happy.

A great and straightforward script drives us through the various functions of Coachademy. Whether you are a mobile application or a Saas, Do you like to portray yourself as a vibrant and fun team? Then, use this animated explainer video style to describe your business engagingly

Standard Chartered

Standard Chartered is a prominent financial and banking service provider. They are the first to steer a blockchain based smart guarantees in trade finance. They have an objective to transform paper intensive bank.

The animated explainer video for Standard Chartered uses simple line/stroke animation. All the illustrations are being represented in colors derivative from its logo. Within a timeline of 3 minutes, the video effectively explains a complex concept as blockchain system.

This is because of their excellent visual style and voice-over in the video. Is your business idea complicated and a little tedious such as cryptocurrency? Then, making an animated explainer video of this style is the ideal decision to make.


Routific is the market’s leading route optimization solution. The software helps you plan routes in minutes for easier travel. Pick-ups, drops and multiple deliveries a day can now happen quickly with the Routific app.

The animated explainer video for Routific is an example of how a great colour palette changes the mood of the video. It has a very pleasing nature to it. Also, the minimalist character design is not possible to ignore.

Informative animation coupled with the above factors makes it a great explainer. Maybe you have a Saas product or a mobile application. However, if your business is seeking a quick, easy and simple solution to explain the business idea, use this type of animated explainer video.

Monkey Learn

Monkey learn is an AI-powered machine learning platform useful for text analysis. It allows all users to get easily actionable data from some raw text. It is a customized machine learning model. With monkey learn, you save hours of manual data processing.

Monkey learn’s animated explainer video is a perfect combination of both character and object animation. The video uses simple and infographic illustrations. They effectively represent the functions carried out by the software.

The color palette is not very vibrant or dull, but an upbeat one. So are planning to keep your video neither too simple and not too fancy, but neutral? Then,  this animated explainer video is ideal to explain your business idea.


iFertracker is an IOT that predicts a woman’s ovulation period to conceive more easily. By monitoring your sleep and basal body temperature, iFertracker tells you when you are more likely to get pregnant.

The animated explainer video for iFertracker is very pleasing and has a happy tone to it. Thus, this creates a sense of delight among viewers. The character animation, script and visual style is submissive and calm.

This thereby enhances the product’s identity. Going smooth from beginning to the end, this video example is a great one for your reference. Do you want a calm, subtle and sophisticated image? Then use a video of this kind to promote your product or service effectively.


Remme is a service platform that implements unbreakable, foolproof user authentication. This protects users, employees and company data from cyber attacks. This technology will keep you safe and sound in this digitized world.

The animated explainer video for Remme is quite ironical to the business idea it is. Being a complicated and serious business, the video is quite engaging and entertaining. You can see an extremely creative character animation in this explainer video.

A simple voiceover and sound effects compliment the entire outlook. No matter if your business is complicated or a little annoying, you can always make it fun and entertaining. You’ll know how after watching this animated explainer video example.

Key Takeaways

So, we know that animated explainer videos are small bites of your product and its services. We’ve put together a few points you should consider before diving into making one.

  • Keep your animated explainer engaging and informative at once. Easy communication is the base of your animated explainer video.
  • An essential consideration for your animated explainer video should be the length. The ideal length for an animated explainer is less than 2 minutes.
  • Animated explainer videos are very conversational. They can unveil your brand personality in seconds. Make sure your animated explainer is also like that.
  • The script is the foundation. Limit your words precisely and to the point. Also, the animator’s creativity can flow only if the script is impressive enough.

To Conclude

So, the animated explainer video can act as a tool to introduce new products and services. They can clarify complex concepts and make boring topics looks interesting. But the truth is, all this will happen if your video is good enough. And how do you get a great animated explainer video? By choosing the right video production partner. Choose an agency that understands your product or service.

We, at Studiotale, specialise in animated explainer videos. It is our masterpiece talent of which we are very proud.  Reach out to us and we guarantee to give you a video that is not mediocre but exceptional. Want to know how? Read our animation process to know how we craft each video with perfection. Our results are available right on our portfolio page. So, ready for an amazing animated explainer video? Let’s begin!

Koushik Marka

Founder @ Studiotale. He is passionate about helping brands grow with video and has expertise in video marketing & 2D animation. When he is not working, he loves playing video games and traveling.


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