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16 Top Animated Motion Graphics Video Examples To Get Inspired by

Koushik Marka
October 12, 2018

Whenever you make a video, there are three responses you are likely to get - Good, Bad and Wow! Now, if your video’s response should be a WOW, you need to get started with a video that will surely impress your prospects.

One such video type that is seeing a huge boom today is the animated motion graphics videos. According to Forbes, an animated motion graphics video for your business can help grow revenue by 49%.

Motion graphics videos are animated videos representing data in a visual and engaging way. This animated representation of data is easier to understand. These videos execute and explain a lot of information in less time. With creative images and illustrations, you can pass out any complex or abstract idea into a simpler form.

They are visually successful and is being used to explain either a product, process or concept. Animated motion graphics videos encourage visual learning. They are also successfully used in marketing today. The imagination of the creator is free to run as wild as possible to represent the data.

Want to know which videos are on the cutting edge of motion graphics industry today? We did a fine-tune research of the best ones. It wasn’t an easy task for there are too many good ones out there.

Top 16 Animated Motion Graphics Video Examples

However, here is a curated list of the top 16 animated motion graphics video examples for your creative inspiration. Watch them right away.

1. Slack

Slack is a cloud-based set of collaboration tools and services. It is a single platform where all the people you need, the information you look for and the tools you use combine. All these together helps you get your work done faster and easier.

If your animated motion graphics video needs inspiration for a fantastic concept, watch this video. It is a perfect example of how even a simple idea can make a huge impact. The video has simple geometric shapes derived from the logo colors. They are creatively animated to complement the script. It is one of the best video examples of how well you can depict a concept. Use this motion graphics video example as a reference if you have a Saas, application or similar services.

2. Reddit

Reddit is a website as well as a mobile application now. It is a web content rating, news sharing, and discussion platform. It helps one get constant updates on breaking news, funny stories and more. Registered members can submit content to the platform which is being put to various uses.

The video is an exemplar of how animated motion graphics uses a light-hearted style. The script has a slight touch of humor to it. This has been effectively represented through enjoyable and straightforward illustrations. The animator has also done an excellent job in making it look as vivacious as possible. If you are either a mobile application, a website, etc., this motion graphics video example is one you would choose as a referral.

3. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is a toolset for SEO and marketing running on Big Data. It is a platform where you get information such as competitor analysis, keyword research, backlink checking and more. It is the best platform to analyze if you are planning to develop your SEO and marketing strategy.

The animated motion graphics video example for Ahrefs has a simple and straightforward script. The platform is directly explained using snackable and straightforward illustrations. Everything is so effortless to digest, making this video a favorite to us. A pleasing color palette and music adds to its aesthetics.

Another must-mention fact is how compelling the video’s CTA is towards the end. If simple and effective is your go, then this video is a must-watch. Whether you a Saas, a B2B or B2C business, this animated motion graphics video example is a great reference.

4. Saniswiss

Saniswiss offers a professional range of safe, eco-friendly sanitizers and cleaners. You need to have the hardware product at your home, office or anywhere else. Saniswiss will sanitize your surroundings without a trace or mark of its presence.

The motion graphics video for Saniswiss uses simple illustrations and animation. The drawings are all in custom colors, derived from the Saniswiss logo. Both the story and storyboard is direct and straightforward.

Thereby, this makes it easier for the viewers to understand the product. The product mock-up is also shown amidst the video. Thus, this leaves the viewers clear of what Saniswiss does. If you have a hardware product that can make lives more comfortable, this motion graphics video is a great example to watch.

5. Supply Compass

Supply compass makes it easier for manufacturers and brands to find each other and work together. It is a supply chain network that provides a seamless experience to its users. It is a transparent and reliable platform where all the members can work easy and tension free.

Animated motion graphics video for Supply Compass has a simple and straightforward storyboard. The video uses line/stroke style illustrations and minimal colors. In a concise time, the video explains the entire concept with ease.

It is a light-hearted video and a definite inspiration if you need something simple. If you wish to bridge the gap between you and your clients, this motion graphics video example has some takeaways.

6. Thor Token

Thor Token is a blockchain solution for the gig economy. It provides workers with access to affordable health care, job networks, and retirement planning. It offers free paycheck processing for on-demand companies.

This animated motion graphics video for Thor Token is a perfect example of a creative storyboard. It uses a great narrative, simple illustrations, and engaging animation. Smooth movements and minimal colors are the highlights of this video.

The video explains how Thor Token is empowering the gig economy. If your product is tech-based, finance-based or a little complicated, this video example is one you can refer to for your motion graphics video.

7. Adobe CMO delivers marketing insights, expertise, and inspiration for all marketer. They can provide as well as experience better outcomes. It helps marketers stay informed and inspired in this digital era.

The animated motion graphics video for CMO is nothing smaller than outstanding. It is a very thoughtful and creative motion graphics video to look out for. The entire story orbits around a single ball that takes you through their journey.

It is very minimalistic and has a simple storyline. If you are a B2B or Saas company, this concept-based video example is a must-watch.

8. Quadro

Quadro is an automation tool that helps define the automation process with ease. It is a mobile application with controls from the desktop app as well. It is possible to automate your workflow with a personalized plan by using Quadro.

The animated motion graphics video for Quadro has a very active and young look to it. A very colorful and energetic storyboard takes the viewers through their journey. The simple illustration and animation showcase how Quadro makes your tasks more manageable.

This video is quite leisurely and smooth to perceive. Whether you have a mobile application, a Saas or similar services, use this video style for a great result.

9. Housing is a real estate search portal. It helps you search for real estate properties based on various filters. Currently, functions in around 40 cities across India.

The animated motion graphics videos for Housing is merely splendid. It is one of our favorites not for a single reason, but for many. The video example takes you through a magical journey of what it is. A very concept-based storyboard explains the fantastic script.

The entire animation and design follow a single arrow that grows and subtracts into many other elements. Whether you want to create a spark or engage your audience, this video is an inspiring one. This motion graphics video is perfect for B2B and B2C businesses, apps, and SaaS products.

10. Placemeter

Placemeter is an urban open intelligence platform. You can quantify pedestrian and vehicular movement with the help of Placemeter. It uses computer vision algorithms to make real-time data layers about places, streets, and surrounding.

The animated motion graphics video for Placemeter uses simple line/stroke illustrations. Most of the drawings are in geometric shapes, including the characters. The animation goes in a simple and minimalistic way.

Also, the color palette is not very bright. It has a very subtle and relaxed mood to it. If you have a mobile application a Saas or similar products, use this motion graphics video as a reference example.

11. Mesosphere

Mesosphere DC/OS is a flexible platform for containerized data-intensive applications. It automates rollout and production operations for container and other data services.

The animated motion graphics video for the same uses colors from within the logo. It has a combination of isometric and standard illustrations. The business idea itself is a little complex.

Hence, the video keeps its storyboard and animation subtle. Also, without further ado, the video directly gets into the points. This motion graphics video example is perfect for web-based tech products and services.

12. Standard Chartered

Standard Chartered is a renowned banking and financial service provider. They are the first to pilot the industry’s first blockchain based smart guarantees in trade finance. Their objective is to transform the paper-intensive bank.

This animated motion graphics video for Standard Chartered is a must watch. The video includes simple line/stroke illustrations. All of them use custom brand colors from the logo.

An epitome of excellent animation, this video explains the blockchain system in less than 3 minutes. If your product belongs to the finance sector or is a little complex, you will draw in some inspiration from this motion graphics video example.

13. DigitalOcean

Digital Ocean is a cloud infrastructure provider. It helps various cloud services deploy, manage and scale applications of any size quickly. They are extremely helpful to developers thus assisting them in building better software.

The animated motion graphics video for Digital Ocean is short yet compelling. In less than a minute, the concept is creatively explained with this motion graphics video. It uses isometric illustrations and a monochromatic color palette.

Couple with an energetic voiceover, it is an excellent example of how short videos can be as impactful. Whether your business is a little complex such as Cloud computing, use this video style for impactful results.

14. Scribble Live

Scribble Live is a cloud-based platform acting as a content provider. With Scribble, live companies can manage the lifecycle of their content. Whether it is ideation, planning, creation, distribution or measurement, this platform lets you do it all with ease.

The animated motion graphics video for Scribble live explains precisely the same with effect. Using simple illustrations and mockup screens, the concept is animated without any chaos. The narrative complements the appearance and takes you through the software.

The video has the capability to interest and holds the viewer’s attention throughout. Whether you are a Saas, a mobile application, or a B2B company, this motion graphics example video is something you will like.

15. Metalogix

Metalogix is an independent software vendor. It moves, manages and protects content within Microsoft Sharepoint, Exchange and Office 365. This prevents the risk of information loss. Also, it organizes your content on-premises or in the cloud safely.

This animated motion graphics video for Metalogix has a simple and explicit depiction of the message. Using snackable images efficiently to depict the concept, it uses very appealing music and narration.

In less than 120 seconds, this motion graphics video speaks about their collaboration platform. If you have a similar cloud or service, this video example is one to refer to.

16. Parse

Parse helps your app-building easy. Parse is a platform that provides backend services for mobile applications. With their help, you can create unique and amazing apps easily. Be it user authentication, push notifications, dashboard or more. Parse is a great ally.

The video for Parse has line/stroke illustrations and isometric illustrations. They are effectively animated in this motion graphics video. Using the concept of boxes and cubes, the script is being explained effectively.

Be it the storyboard, the visual style or the color palette. Everything put together makes this video an inspiring one for your business. Take this as the perfect example if your business is a Saas or web-based tech product.

Key Takeaways

o, you have gone through the best examples in animated motion graphics video so far. Here are a few points that you can learn from them.

  • Do not make them too long. People have very less time to spare. No matter how beautifully your motion graphics video is animated.
  • The best way to influence your viewers with motion graphics is to have a concept that is strong. Hence, let the creativity flow in with unique ideas for animation.
  • As a business, make sure your creative brief is strong. If your video partner knows about you, there is no limit to how creative they can portray your business idea.
  • Animated motion graphics is the ideal and easiest way to portray complicated and tedious information. Make bare statistics and data can look imaginative and exciting with ease.

To Conclude

From the above video examples of motion graphics, you should have realized that they are the best way to convey your business idea. Engaging, interactive and snackable, they are every business’s marketing tool today. However, the credit for a perfect animated motion graphics video goes to the video makers. Hence, it important that you choose your video production partner wisely.

We at Studiotale are masters in animation and we love creating amazing motion graphics videos for our clients. Give us a brief and we will in return give you a video that will leave your audience mesmerized. Reach out to us right away. Let’s work together and get our motion on. Check out our animation process to know how we work. Go through our portfolio to know what we do. So, ready? Let’s begin!

Koushik Marka

Founder @ Studiotale. He is passionate about helping brands grow with video and has expertise in video marketing & 2D animation. When he is not working, he loves playing video games and traveling.


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