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Xiaomi AirPOP

We can’t stress enough how bad a problem air pollution is today.
Xiaomi wanted to do its bit to tackle the globally worsening air quality levels. With the aim of providing affordable innovation to individuals and families around the world, they created the Mi AirPOP anti-pollution mask.






Explainer Video


The backstory

It was time for Xiaomi to introduce the Mi AirPOP PM2.5 mask to the Indian audiences.The masks were targeted at the Indian populace living in urban areas – areas choked by the falling air quality levels.

Xiaomi wanted to create an engaging explainer video that not only introduced the AirPOP to this new audience, but convinced them of the mask’s necessity in this day and age.

That’s when they approached Studiotale.

The Task

The immediate problem that faced us was creating a concept that communicated the dangers of pollution effectively without making the viewer feel overwhelmed.

We also had to create a narrative that introduced the AirPOP as a more personal solution to this problem. On top of all this, we had to get the AirPOP to resonate with the Indian audiences.

Challenge Accepted.

The Result

With Xiaomi’s requirements in mind, we set about creating an elegant explainer video, aimed at creating an impact in the minds of the urban audience. With a minimalistic approach, we translated unappealing entities like dust and pollutants into simpler aesthetic shapes, making the video feel less threatening.

By layering the video with a voiceover that’s close to home, we explain the dangers of air pollution in a calm, positive and reassuring tone. The video successfully captured the audience’s attention and convinced them of the importance of these masks for healthy living.

The video pulled in 50K YouTube views in the first three days since its upload. It was exactly what Xiaomi needed.

“It’s been great working with the Studiotale team. Their processes are well defined and thought through. When it’s come to design they do their homework well and are open to feedback.”

Vineeta Wagh
Vineeta Wagh
Marketing campaign Manager - Xiaomi