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UPRETS is a regulated online market-place where international real estate assets can be digitally purchased traded around the globe. This is done through blockchain technology that tokenizes the properties, thereby improving transparency and increasing liquidity.






Explainer Video


The task

UPRETS needed an explainer video that could simplify their concept and help sell real estate tokens. They needed the concept of blockchain technology to be broken down to prospective clients to make them more receptive to the platform.

And they came to us with the challenge.

The hurdle

Explaining concepts as abstract and complex as blockchain technology and tokenization isn’t exactly a small task.  To get the idea across as effectively as possible, you need strong visualisation and compelling storytelling.

Luckily, we’re pretty good at those things.

The process

We began drafting a storyboard keeping in mind UPRETS’ requirements. After several revisions, we settled on a storyboard that used memorable characters to explain the concept.

With the design and storyboard approved, we began the animation process.

The result

It was perfect. The resulting video gracefully balanced formality and warmth. With language that perfectly blended simplicity and technicality, the video concisely explains the idea behind UPRETS.

The video effectively delivers the concept to real estate investors, generating customers eager to trade on such a platform.