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Parkbench is a platform that provides neighborhood-centric websites to realtors. By creating local online communities, Parkbench allows realtors to interact with prospective buyers on a whole new level.






Explainer Video


The assignment

Parkbench wanted to use an explainer video to market the platform to real estate agents. They wanted to highlight the potential of small community websites and show real estate agents exactly how to leverage them for their business.

Parkbench knew exactly what they needed. In fact, they prepared a script for their explainer video themselves. Now, they needed a production house that could translate their script into an engaging, lead generating explainer video.

That’s why they came to us.

The process

We took their script and made it our own. Every line was visualized through detailed illustrations. After discussing several combinations and going through several revisions, we finalized a character-driven storyboard that focused on an animated realtor that the target audience could relate to.

We used Parkbench’s brand colors and design language to create the gradient design style they were looking for in their video. The storyboard and design were approved by Parkbench and the animation process began.

The result

Like we said before, Parkbench knew exactly what they wanted. And we delivered just what they had envisioned. We produced an engaging explainer video that simplified the concept of community websites to realtors.

Using smooth graphics and interesting characters, the video highlights the benefits of the platform to local real estate agents, effectively converting more realtors to clients.

“They were happy to take calls whenever we needed to and got our edits done in record time. Would be happy to work with again in the future.”

Rahul Ghosh
Rahul Ghosh
Digital Marketing Expert - Parkbench