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Atoka is a bold, new search platform, focused on providing reliable business information on Italian and British companies to sales and marketing professionals worldwide.






Explainer Video


Let’s set the scene

Atoka had begun increasing their marketing efforts considerably. With a massive rise in traffic to their homepage, they decided to create a video that took all the content on their website and compressed it into a neat little 90-second package for new visitors.

They needed a video that simplified the platform’s semantic technology and big data analysis, targeted at sales and marketing professionals who were looking for a reliable database to mine new prospects. They needed the best.

That’s where we come in.

The task

The true challenge here was to cram all of Atoka’s website content while simplifying concepts like big data and semantic technology into a 90-second video. All that without making the experience feel like an information blitzkrieg. Oh, and one more thing: It was to be done in two languages – English and Italian.

With all this in mind, we designed a core concept for the video and carefully crafted a storyboard around it. They loved the storyboard right away.
After quickly settling on a fluid design language that complemented Atoka’s, we began bringing the concept to life.

The result

We delivered. The 90-second visual experience that we created simplifies the abstract concept of big data to the viewer, impressing upon them the true power that Atoka has to offer. It works because it’s simple and elegant. The narrative pace is just right and doesn’t overwhelm the viewer with continuous information.

By finding the most suitable voiceovers in English and Italian, we effectively communicate Atoka’s purpose to the target audience spread across two countries. The video didn’t just catch the viewer’s attention. It communicated the message at Atoka’s core with finesse, increasing brand awareness and generating new leads.

“Studiotale created an awesome explaining video for our company. They were very creative and flexible during the whole process. I would definitely recommend them!”

Reka Marincsak
Reka Marincsak
Digital Marketing Specialist - Atoka