8 Actionable Explainer Video Marketing Techniques That Will Work Great in 2019

Explainer videos are a must-do-item in businesses today. Marketing them is even more crucial. Here’s your guide on video marketing tips for the promotion of explainer videos.

So, you have finally made a great explainer video for your business. Well done and congratulations! With that said, everybody remains of the perception that creating an explainer video equals video marketing done right. But, you have got it wrong there!

Creating an explainer video is only half the job while the rest is laid upon how this video is promoted. This means that there is more hard work required.

Explainer videos are emotional, believable and an investment worth it. With multiple benefits to offer, it is very crucial too, however, promote these explainer videos to give the desired results.

Therefore, in order to get your marketing grip upright, here are 8 Explainer Video Marketing Techniques that you can follow to leverage your explainer videos to its peak.

Regardless of whether you are a software-based, product based or app based company, these explainer video marketing techniques will help you refrain your explainer from being burned off, but rather aid you in sprinkling a great marketing strategy.

All of these proven strategies are going to work GREAT in 2019.

Let’s do this!

And here are the tactics you’ll learn about in this post.

1. Add Explainer Video On Your Company’s Landing Page.

Do you face this problem of your visitors leaving your landing page in just a few seconds?

Sigh, because human beings can’t pay attention to text anymore! They no more want to read a lot of text, and if they do not get to entertain themselves within 8 seconds, BOOM! They’re gone.

It is indeed risky enough to lose a few potential customers if your landing page is not engaging enough.

Well, explainer videos can give you a hand on that. Explainer videos on a landing page can increase conversions by 80%, decrease bounce rates by 34% and inform and engage users in less than 90 seconds.

Host the video on Wistia rather than YouTube:

YouTube is the most popular platform to host your explainer videos. But, we suggest that you make use of Wistia to host your explainer video while adding it to your landing page.


Wistia has an automatic video SEO feature, therefore, whenever a customer searches for explainer videos, your video is found and it redirects them to your website itself instead of other platforms like YouTube.

They also have in-depth analytics and customization feature to add any new call to actions or input forms on the video if and when needed. It is the only video hosting platform designed with the needs of SEO-conscious marketers in mind.

For a better understanding about using Wistia to host your explainer videos, follow the steps below:

  • Customization of video player:

    Wistia allows you to customize your video’s appearance by using your brand colors and logo in the player. Unlike on YouTube where the player is subjected to YouTube colors, you can use your own brand identity in the player in Wistia.

    Refer to the below example for a better understanding of where we have used our custom brand colors in the video player.


  • Add interactive elements:

    It is essential to encourage your clients to do the desired response with a strong call-to-action. While hosting your videos on Wistia, you can add interactive call-to-actions and annotations to engage the users throughout the video.

    In the below example, you will find a call-to-action after the first 30 seconds, where the user is directed to our contact us page.


  • Use Wistia Turnstile feature:

    By inserting the Turnstile feature at the beginning, middle or end of the explainer video itself, you can collect the contact details such as their name, email address and company from your visitors.

    Check out the screenshot below where we have collected details from our visitors between the video.


  • Use Wistia analytics:

    Wistia has excellent analytics which performs better than that of Youtube. It is inclusive of viewer-based tracking, video heatmaps, engagement graphs etc. Therefore, it serves as an excellent hosting as well as the analytics platform.


  • Embed a Wistia video with captions:

    If you embed a Wistia video with captions on your website’s landing page or inside a blog, Wistia will automatically inject the transcript with the help of JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) for an added SEO boost.

  • Use other tools that integrate with Wistia:

    Feedback app Wipster, task automation app Zapier etc. have integrations with Wistia. These tools will help in marketing, therefore making the processes of promoting your video easier. They are all linked to Wistia, therefore uploading your video on this platform will make your work easy.

Now that you have hosted your video successfully on Wistia and is ready with the link, follow the below steps to add it on your landing page.

Place your video correctly:

First of all place your videos above the fold, that is; do not place it at the bottom. The placement of the video should be in such a way that, when a visitor scrolls your landing page, the video should be what their attention goes to first.

Zendesk Product Homepage with “Watch The Video” button in the first section
Mesosphere homepage with “See How it works” button in the top section.

An actionable CTA button:

Whether or not you include a call-to-action in Wistia, make sure that you have a CTA button in the same section, mostly close to the video so that they take the desired action once done with watching your explainer video.

Mesosphere CTA button just beside the video button

Autoplay VS Non-autoplay:

To play or not to play your video content automatically? Seems like it is best that you test both. Try to develop two different website interfaces; one with autoplay and one without autoplay. Figure out which one gives you better engagement and adapt to it. This is because the results may vary depending upon your video content and your target audience.

2. Optimizing Your Video for Youtube


YouTube is ranked the second largest search engine today, and the third largest visited website across the globe. With 1.3 billion users, millions visit YouTube daily and look out for their favorite genre of videos.

And with a little discipline, you can make your explainer video appear on the screens of all your customers on YouTube. Video SEO can help your videos rank on top in both Google and YouTube.

Of course, a video of great quality is ranked #1, but that’s not all of it. You also need to optimize your explainer video for the search engine to receive good results.

Let’s jump into the step by step process!

Keyword research:

Firstly, do detailed keyword research, use the right keywords and let the search engine analyze it. This is because most of your views come from the search engine suggesting videos to users. Hence, using the right keywords in your Title, Description, URL etc. will be of benefit.

Below are a few ways in which you can identify the right keywords for your video:

  • In order to identify the right keyword, you can either go for word suggestion feature available on YouTube or Google. Type a keyword into the search field and you will get a number of suggestions corresponding to the typed word. They actually work since these are what people are looking for in reality.
  • TubeBuddy is an online extension which directly integrates into YouTube. Using the ‘suggested tags’ or ‘tag explorer’ feature in Tube buddy, you can get the tags used by competitors. Type a keyword you want to search for on the search tab and, TubeBuddy will show you the tags used by the most popular videos relevant to the keyword you entered. You can use these tags in your video too.
  • YT cockpit is a YouTube keyword research tools that help you in finding competitor’s keywords. It also suggests keywords related to your business. Start by simply typing the keyword that your video is about. YT cockpit tells you how easy it is to rank high for that keyword. It will also give you a few keyword suggestions and how well you can rank for each of them. The top 20 ranking videos for the keyword you typed will pop up on the 1st page of YouTube itself. You can also refer to the keywords used by these videos.
  • Another way to find keywords is by using the YouTube analytics tool. This will show you the keywords that you have been ranked high for. Go to your YouTube Dashboard > Analytics > Traffic Sources > Youtube search. This will give you an entire list of all the keywords that you rank high for. By doing so, you can optimize your existing video for those keywords or use them while uploading a new one.

Usage of keywords:

Once you have identified the right keywords related to your video, make sure you use them in your videos title, description, URL and tags. This is indeed very important for video SEO. Make sure that using the keywords does not mean stuffing them for SEO. Craft them in such a way that they prove to be clickable and interesting at the same time.

  • Title: The title of your video should not exceed 70 characters. It should as well include your targeted keywords.
  • Description: Video descriptions must be at least 250 characters. Try to use these keywords within the first 25 words of your description, in order to give it more emphasis while search engines analyze them.
  • Tags: Also, try to use as many tags as possible related to your video. Google analyses tags also while bringing your video on the top of their search engine results. These tags should be your targeted keywords since they have great value on Youtube search results.
  • Filename: While uploading a video file, if the video file name is “video 123”, change it with relevance to the identified keywords. This also helps in optimizing your video for SEO.


Insert a video transcript:

A video transcript is a written version of your video. With the usage of the right keywords, it is helpful for search engines to learn more about your content. The video transcript can be included in the description part of your video.

Let your thumbnail image smile:

The first impression is the best impression, therefore the viewers first look at the image of the video and then decide to click or not. Make them click with a great thumbnail image for your explainer.


Include a CTA in your description:

Probably you have already asked them in your video narration for a call to action. But, it is always ideal to insert a direct CTA link in your description or video for immediate and faster response.


Keep a link to your company’s social media platforms and website below the explainer video on Youtube. This will encourage them to visit and know your presence in other platforms as well. They can be directed to your website, Facebook page, other online presence you hold etc. by doing this.


Use online PR tactics:

PConnect with influential people online such as bloggers, famous animators etc. Share your video with them and if they like it, chances are that they might mention it in their blog or channel.

You can target your audience on Youtube in effect of who searched videos related to your business, and pay to Youtube so that your video reaches this target audience as Youtube advertisements. They can be true view ads (pay if they view your video), pre-roll ads (non-skippable before a video) and bumpers (short and less than 6 seconds).

3. Promote Explainer Videos on Facebook


Come on! Who doesn’t have a Facebook account today? Statistics say that around 500 million people are watching videos on Facebook every day.

As a result, imagine the number of people who have possibilities to come across your explainer video on Facebook. Millions right?

The amount of video watched on Facebook is impossible to ignore. Moreover, native videos on Facebook have a 10 times higher reach, and 186% more engagement compared to other platforms.

This is exactly why this social media platform has a very important role to play in your video marketing strategy.

Upload directly on Facebook:

First of all, it is always advisable to upload your explainer video directly on Facebook over pasting a link to some other platform. It has been found that Facebook native videos perform 4 times better than videos linked to other platforms.

Title and Description:

Facebook recommends a descriptive title that makes the video easily searchable. Also, using the right keywords in your video title and description will improve your videos search results.



Facebook has an inbuilt feature where you can add a direct call to action button to your video while uploading. The CTA is equally important in encouraging your video viewers to take a positive action.

Tag other pages:

You can spread your Facebook explainer video by tagging other pages that either helped you in making the video or pages where your audience will be present. Simply type the ‘@’ title before the name you want to tag and pick the right person.

Give a preview of the video in your copy:

Take out a key quote or moment from your video as a text component of your post. A quick copy of the video will help the users decide if watching the video would be worth their time.


Target right and schedule right:

You can target your audience on Facebook by considering factors such as demographics, geography, age etc. You can schedule the time of the video to be presented in front of your target audience on Facebook. This is very important in marketing since different countries have different time schedules.

Use Facebook Insights to analyze results:

In the case that your responses are not good enough, make a data-driven decision and analyze your statistics. Assess your audience engagement on Facebook Insights, and make necessary changes to your marketing for a better outcome.

Facebook Paid Advertising:

In your video marketing on Facebook, give a boost to your video by converting it into an ad. They are paid, but consequently reaches more people and appears on the newsfeed of Facebook users.

4. Marketing Your Explainer Video on Social Media

Where are all the people today? Of course, they are all on social media.

In case you are not taking advantage of social media for your video marketing, you are missing out on half of the world’s population knowing your business.

That precisely explains why it is important to promote your explainer video on social media. Social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Quora, Snapchat etc are used by many people today.

With a good video content and a compelling call to action, social media platforms are assured to give you best results for the explainer videos uploaded.

Tips for marketing explainer video on Twitter:

  • Twitter SEO:

    Post your explainer video on twitter along with a tweet. Google shows a liking for tweets as a potential search result. Make sure you use the right keywords.

  • Tweet during peak hours:

    Identify that time of the week when most of your target audience is online on Twitter. Use this timeline significantly to post a tweet with your video.

  • Minimise hashtag use:

    Too many hashtags for your video results in a drop of engagement. Whereas, the usage of 2 hashtags is likely to increase your engagement by 2 times.

  • Twitter advanced search helps out in identifying your potential customers through industry-specific terms. For example; if you’re an explainer video company, search for words like ‘explainer’, ‘video’, ‘explainer video’,’animation’ etc. to identify the people who have been looking for the same.

    1. Start by doing a simple Twitter search on the top right corner of the twitter page.
    2. Click more options drop down menu and choose “Advanced Search”.
    3. Fill in the details that you know about what you are looking for and click on search.
    4. Your results are right there. Happy advanced search people!

Tips for marketing explainer video on Instagram:

  • Integrate Instagram stories:

    Since stories have only a 24-hour lifespan, it creates an urgency. Instagram users review stories more than posts. Choose the most interesting part of your video and upload it as an Instagram story.

  • Keep your hashtags focused:

    Hashtags are helpful in finding your videos easily and therefore will get your more views. Using the right and limited hashtags will get you more followers and thereby more potential customers.

  • Use analytics:

    Tools such as sprout social will help you understand how the crowd is paying off for your video on Instagram. They measure engagement, identify influencers and track your comments review.

  • You can use paid advertising for your video in the form of stories, carousels or videos that will have a CTA at the end driving them to your website. You can advertise within the app, with ads manager or Instagram partners.

Tips for marketing explainer video on LinkedIn:

  • Create a sponsored video ad:

    Engage your target audience with sponsored content. You can select your ad campaign objectives such as collect leads, drive traffic to your website or get video views. They are in particular helpful for B2B customers on LinkedIn.

  • Use native videos:

    LinkedIn is becoming more video oriented, and it is likely that the videos directly uploaded on LinkedIn will have more views. Therefore include native videos over any embedded videos or links.

  • Use video in LinkedIn groups:

    There are a million groups on LinkedIn. Figure out which one is specific to your industry and add your video to these groups. This marketing step will increase your visibility. Here’s how you can add video to groups:

    1. In the search bar, type group names or interesting topics you wish to be a part of.
    2. On the results page, click “groups” tab.
    3. Click “work” icon on the top right and select groups from the drop-down menu.
    4. Click “Discover” at the top of the page to view suggested groups.
    5. Scroll down and choose the group suitable for you. Ask to join and be a part of the group. You can then add your videos to the same.

Tips for marketing explainer video on Snapchat:

  • Increase user engagement with stories:

    Post animated gifs of your explainer video as a story. The new Snapshot feature allows immediate replies to your story. This means the feedback for your snaps is now instant.

  • Directly target the followers:

    Using Snapchat’s message system, select an audience group whom you think should view your snaps.

  • Snapchat ads:

    They are paid ads in video format appearing in full screen and with sound. They can either be web-viewing ads (driving them to your website), app download ads or long-form video ads.

Tips for marketing explainer video on Quora:

  • When answering to a query related to your product or service, ensure to place a link of your video or embed it in the answer.

  • Gifs are preferred over videos:

    If possible, try to include an animated gif of the video related to the service you provide in your answer. They are short and sweet and preferred to be watched more in a Quora answer.

5. Include Videos in Email Marketing

Chances are that you already have an email marketing list. If you don’t make one because video marketing via email is not so old school already.

Video emails stand out from other email communications. An email with a video receives an increase in click-through rate by 96%. It hooks the viewers and speeds engagement with them.

A strong call to action if present, will for sure make your recipient a prospective client. On a corporate certainty, every business and employee checks their email on a daily basis.

Hence, if you correctly identify your audience and target them with an explainer video email, your audience is your client in seconds.

Tips to follow when including videos in email marketing:

  • Use “video” in the subject line:

    By using the word “video” or related terms in your email subject, the open rates are likely to increase by 19% and email unsubscribes are reduced by 26%.


  • Embed the video:

    You can host your explainer videos on YouTube or similar platforms, and embed a link of the same in your marketing email.

  • Place static images with a play button:

    The explainer video can be represented in your email with a static image, on which there is a play button. Choose a great thumbnail image from your video for the same. Consequently, the recipient grasps the video’s look and clicks on the play button. This will diverge to the original and complete video.

  • Animated Gifs:

    You can create a small gif of the video and include it in your email. If it interests the recipient, they rest assured to click further for the full project.

6. Add to Social Bookmarking Sites

Isn’t the article just great? Why don’t you bookmark it so that you can come back and read it anytime you want to? Seems like that’s what bookmarking sites can do for you.

Many times it occurs that we always want to go back to take a look into something from yesterday. But, we end up not being able to find it!

If your clients are internet users, with social bookmarking sites they can organize your bookmarks online rather than saving them on computers. And if you are a business with your explainer videos online, make a bookmark of it on similar platforms.

Each bookmark to your video is considered as a backlink. Hence, more bookmarks mean better search results.

Here are some tips to follow while adding explainer videos to social media bookmarking sites:

Select the right website:

Each social bookmarking site will have something different to offer. Therefore, identify the right platform for your business before adding your video.

Create a profile and add the link of your video on to a forum on the website.

It is always advisable to keep a link to your social media platforms linked to the social bookmarking sites. This can increase traffic and at the same time help in a single email login for regular updates.

Create useful tags:

As you upload your bookmarks, ensure to use keywords related to your video as tags, therefore making it easier for users to find it.

Add extensions:

If there are other videos you wish to bookmark along with yours, just add the extension to your profile on the bookmarking site. You can edit it anytime.

Use it for SEO:

Use popular keywords related to your video in the headline and description. The headline and description are a must while uploading your link on the bookmarking site because it can give you better search results.

Here’s a list of the most popular social bookmarking sites that you can use for your explainer video marketing:

  1. Digg
  2. Stumbleupon
  3. Reddit
  4. Delicio
  5. Slashdot
  6. Identi
  7. Folkd

7. Use CTA for your explainer video marketing

Oh, seems like the explainer video you last saw was of help to your business. Did you take any action? No? Oops!

That’s simply because their call-to-action wasn’t effective enough. You definitely don’t wish the same to be happening to your explainer or business right?

All you need to do is include a compelling call-to-action at the end of your explainer video, or any platform where you host it.

Making the viewer take an action that you desired them to, is an integral part of your marketing goals. It is more like closing a deal with a virtual handshake with your viewer.

Tips to test different Call-to-actions:

Consider the purpose:

Different platforms you host your explainer video on shall have different CTAs. For example, on Youtube, you might want the viewers to go visit your website, opposite to which when the explainer is hosted on your website, you might want the viewer to turn into your client and make a purchase. Hence, it is important that you test different CTAs for each platform in order to achieve your marketing goals.

Try CTA styles:

Experiment CTAs in different colors, different layouts, different placements etc. These factors may vary from site to site. Also, the content used in the CTA should be fascinating enough for the user.

Do the A/B test:

For the same website or marketing medium that you use, try two different CTAs with two sectors of your audience. It is always wise to do so before concluding on a final one.

8.Use video marketing analytics

Video marketing analytics is the key to understanding your audience and the viability of your video marketing strategy.

Video marketing platforms provide analytics in the form of engagement, conversions, and geographic metrics.

With the data you collect in your video marketing analytics, you should be able to improve your marketing plan as well as the overall outcome.

Here’s a list of the most popular social bookmarking sites that you can use for your explainer video marketing:

Tips for the things to consider while measuring analytics

  • Who watched your video:

    Apart from tallying views, figure out who watched your explainer, where do they belong to etc.

  • The number of views:

    Analysing how many views your explainer video has received will help you understand if the content, thumbnail image, and description are actually helping your video or not. These factors are main in encouraging a viewer to click on an explainer.

  • Duration of watch:

    This analysis is helpful in describing how your content is performing, where the viewers are getting bored, what are the improvements possible etc.

  • Most-watched sections:

    If viewers are watching a particular section over and over, that is the information you should be highlighting.

  • Viewer’s location:

    This will help you understand where your prospective clients belong to and what their needs are.

  • Device used:

    By getting data about various devices used to watch your explainer video, you can optimize it accordingly.

  • Platform of watch:

    Viewers maybe watching your video via social media, website, video hosting websites etc. It is essential to realize which platform gives you the best results for further marketing purposes.

  • Action taken:

    Take into account what are the responses from people, how many people bought your service, visited your website etc. and understand what parameters led them to take that desired action.

In conclusion, above are some of our favourite and best tips that you can follow for your video marketing purposes. After creating an explainer video, your video marketing campaign is rest assured to explode positively by following the above marketing ideas.

If you wish to create an explainer video yourself for your business marketing, refer to our animation process before doing so. To know about the importance of making an explainer video, click here.

If you are looking for some help to make an explainer video for your business, reach out to us here.

To browse through some of our best works, click here.

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