How to use videos in sales funnel for high conversion

How to use videos in sales funnel for high conversion

How to use videos in sales funnel for high conversion 4684 2950 Saandra Salim

Haven’t you come across some amazing brand videos that stay in your head forever? You might also have made a purchase many times because of the impact that these videos created.

Well, that’s because the creators of these videos have used their left and right brains efficiently to make a remarkable masterpiece.

Okay, but have you got any idea why you had an interest in this video? What created a desire to buy the product? Why you bought the product? Well, that’s because they used the right videos at each stage of your buying behavior, making you take the desired action of purchase!

Intelligent huh?

Today, it is proved that there are a very few or maybe no mediums that are more powerful than video. The versatility of videos today need a mention. Couple this with the complicated nature of a buyer’s behavior. It could be challenging to identify what video content makes them happy and when it makes them happy.

Considering all these factors, this article is going to be an ace up your sleeve. Scroll down for everything you need to know about what a sales funnel is, and what types of videos are best for each stage of the sales funnel.

Let’s go!


What is the sales funnel?

Sales funnel is what determines the process a customer undergoes from the stage of awareness of a product until an act of purchase happens. In other words, a sales funnel is a simple representation of the buyer’s journey.

It reviews how they transform from being a lead to a customer through each stage. By following the steps in your business’s sales funnel, you will be able to provide a seamless experience to your prospective clients.


Importance of video in a sales funnel

We’ve already read the statistics about why you need a video. Including them in your sales funnel also means increasing your conversions. But, your customers are not going to walk on a straight line from awareness to long-term loyalty. They need the right video at the right time.

As per research, there was an increase of 64% – 85% where people bought a product or service after watching a video of it. Now, that pretty much sums up why video is relevant in your sales funnel right? By using the right videos at the right stage of your sales funnel, converting leads to customers is almost done.


▶ Top of the sales funnel: Awareness Stage

Your customers have a problem, and you have a solution. But you both haven’t met yet! That’s the awareness stage. The beginning of the sales funnel happens during this stage. Here, you are letting your prospects know that you exist while telling them you have a solution to their issue.

This initial contact with your prospects should make a memorable first impression. That’s why choosing the right video during the awareness stage of your sales funnel is significantly essential.

1. SEO Driven Videos

By optimizing your video title, description, thumbnail image etc., you can make your video an SEO driven one. That is, your video will appear on the top of search results related to your video. SEO driven videos are likely to give you better leads because their search ranks are much higher.

Uploading a video transcript can also help improve your video’s SEO rankings. With a detailed keyword research, a little patience and a good SEO drove video, leads will come flocking in for your business.

2. Explainer videos

Explainer videos are short and straightforward videos, usually between 60 – 90 seconds. They explain your business in a simple, engaging and compelling manner. These videos can define who you are to your prospects. There are different types of explainer videos that you can create from live action videos to animated videos.

Their effectiveness and affordability are things that already have been proved. Thereby, this makes explainer videos a perfect one to include in your sales funnel.

3. Commercial videos

Earlier, commercials came only on the TV. But, today they are also on social media. You must have come across an attention-grabbing commercial video. And you always remember the video as well as the brand it advertised. Commercial videos have the capability to do that.

They are mostly less than 30 seconds and does not overwhelm the viewers with too many details about the product. The objective of commercial videos is to make a spark about your business in the prospect’s mind.


▶ Middle of the sales funnel: Consideration Stage

This is the middle stage in the sales funnel. Now, your customers know that you exist, and they remember the solution you have to offer. But, in order to be surer, they wish to know you better. During this stage of the sales funnel, your goal must be to convert visitors into leads.

Outshine your competitive advantages, and explain your product in detail. Give them a clear understanding of what you do. Then you will find that customers have started considering to buy your product.

1. Detailed Demo videos

You might have faced difficulty in using a software, utilizing an app or figuring out a product’s functioning during some stage in your life. Because of that, you might have even stopped using it. In that case, tutorial videos become your helpful allies. With a tutorial video, you can give a step-by-step process of the functioning of your product or service. By creating a tutorial video, your prospects will get a better understanding of how it works. Thus, this will help in creating an interest in your product through these videos.

2. Case study videos

Now that your business is trying to influence the prospects to make a decision to purchase, case study videos can be very helpful. Case studies videos act as a valid account of your product or service’s usage. It highlights the actual results achieved by your existing customers from your product. They’re the best medium to prove the value of your product to your prospects through someone else’s words.


▶ Bottom of the sales funnel: Decision stage

Once you have completed the above stages of the sales funnel, you may be thinking that you have sealed the deal. But, the spoiler is that you haven’t. The bottom stage of the sales funnel is when your prospective customers finally decide to make a purchase. And now they know who you are and what you do.

So, what’s important in this stage of the sales funnel is to give them assurance. Thus, this will happen by gaining their trust and making them loyal towards your brand. This stage of the sales funnel is when you should welcome them to your business. Why? Because this is your last chance to convince them.

1. Testimonial videos

When real people talk, people tend to have more trust in the message conveyed. And if the people who talk in your video are real customers, the trust you build gets even better. Testimonial videos are the perfect type of video you need to use during the decision making the phase of the sales funnel. Actual clients and customers speaking about your business only make it look more authentic. Thereby, your prospective customers feel that your business is reliable enough.

2. Company story videos

Since your prospects are still confused whether to buy or not to buy your product, connecting with them on a personal level might help. Company story videos are videos that give them an insight into how you began and where you are now. Your team, your working process, how you have grown are all things that matter to them. Through company story videos, you can make them a part of your business, thereby relating with them emotionally. These videos have a huge role to play in your sales funnel, making your prospects your loyal customers.


To put in everything together one last time, how effectively you use videos in your sales funnel has a huge impact on each sale you make. Using the right video content, at the right place, with the right target audience is all that you need to get your sales on point. If you need to get your sales to funnel videos done right, contact us now. We can help you with an amazing explainer video that is for sure going to impress your demographics. Review our portfolio page now to know about how good we are at what we do.