Top 10 Animated Explainer Video Software for Brands

Top 10 Animated Explainer Video Software for Brands

Top 10 Animated Explainer Video Software for Brands 694 494 VIjeth VS

Studiotale Video Production Process 5Today, brands are using animated explainer videos for all marketing purposes. These short videos are found to be highly engaging. Further, this shift has made the use of text redundant. As a result, we see the rise in animated explainer video software.

These video software will help you create top class videos in very less time and low budget. In addition, these animated explainer video software doesn’t require video editing or animator skills.

To sum up, it all depends on the budget you have alotted to create this video. There are two ways to go about creating an explainer video for your business.

Animated Explainer Video Agencies

If you have a good budget, there are many agencies who will aid you with the best-animated explainer video. Moreover, these agencies take care of everything. You will also find few agencies who provide the best video service at fair price.

Animated Explainer Video Softwares

If you are a little low on budget, you can always go with software. They are economical and very easy to use.

Let us check the list.

Top Animated Explainer Video Software


It is an online video creating software which is easy to use and the best for converting slides into captivating animated videos. Similarly, video clips are easy to customize by adding audio, texts, and transition. This explainer video software needs an internet connection for its operation.

Hence, Rawshots may be very slow when used with a poor internet connection.  Above all, some of its important features include; Simple drag and drop interface, exceptional template collection and unique pricing structure. So, its Price ranges from $49 to $200.


A web-based video creator to create flashy and captivating videos in a few minutes. Also, it is a DIY platform; easy to use and has the largest set of editable templates. Moreover, Animaker has 3 in 1 core features. That includes presentation, graphic design and video editing features. It displays data and statistics in a fascinating way. Even more, Animaker offers few remarkable features such as per-animated asset, inbuilt database asset, drag, and drop function. Further, the resonant sound effect makes it stand out among other explainer video software, the price $99 per month.


It is an easily handled presentation and video creator that is far better than powerpoint but its operation is as simple as PowerPoint. In the same way, Powtoon has many templates and characters that are important for marketing campaign infographics and product presentation. Likewise, you see constant design upgrade to meet the high expectation of the clients. The price of getting Powtoon is as high as $89 per month.


It is software that is suitable for creating all kinds of video. It works on Windows, Linux, Mac and also available as cloud-based software. Further, Wideo is easy to learn and simplifies the video production process. You will find a large number of professional templates here.

Above all, the striking features of Wideo include; animation speed control, spell check, object search tool, over 1000 images, YouTube sharing, and audio-image upload. The basic plan for explainer video software is as much as $59 per month.


Formerly known as Goanimate, Vyond is cloud-based video editing software. It is straightforward and self-explanatory which makes high-quality animated video production easy for beginners. Moreover, Vyond has a 14-day free trial and is safe to download.

Above all, some of its remarkable features include; an intuitive interface that has a lot of customizable and DIY features, large audio and visual element library coupled with android and IOS app. Vyond’s price varies; its Gopublish plan goes for $39 per month.

Viddyoze 3.0:

It is used for the production of high-quality videos in a very short interval. Also, Viddyoze is very easy to use and it remains the best for incorporating logos and text into videos. Likewise, Viddyoze is most appealing cloud-based animated explainer video software.

It specializes in producing a call to action videos. Above all, Viddyoze has over 700 templates and 100% money back guarantee in case you buy it and later found out that is not the best for your project.


It is one of the latest animated explainer video software with several features that aid the production of professional eye-catching videos in a twinkle of an eye. Besides that, it doesn’t require any video editing skill.

However, it is more complex in terms of function than other animated video making software. Hence, it might take some times to learn it. Further, a mix of animations, full motion video and whiteboard sketch element all combine to give your video a wonderful appearance.


Ts another cloud-based video production platform that features many styles. It enables the creation of spectacular videos with just a few clicks with no need for video editing skills. Therefore, Videze remains indispensable in creating live animations. Above all, it has tons of templates for selection. Certainly, Videze remains one of the best-animated explainer video software. And the features include epic 2D and 3D animated logo, kinetic typography for text transformation and slideshow that has promotional videos. In all, Videze costs $47.


Commonly referred to as “world’s simplest video maker” has a collection of pre-animated scenes from which one can choose. Also, it offers the opportunity to practice for free but with a watermark over it. Nevertheless, the tools are easy to use.

As a result, it takes few minutes to make high quality animated explainer videos. Even more, it features high-quality audio library and great color editing capability. The monthly plan goes for $23.

Easy Sketch Pro 3.0:

It is an animated explainer video software that lets you draw and sketch video. In contrast, no monthly plan is available but you have full access to the software once purchased. In addition, using Easy Sketch gives you access to where one can add interactive hotspot to videos.

Above all, the important features of Easy Sketch Pro 3.0 include live video and audio, slide-based presentations, animations, cartoons, and visual elements. The cheapest version costs as low as $37 and the most expensive version is less than $100.



DesignWizard is a graphic design tool that allows you to create videos, business cards, flyers, certificates, and headers. It allows you to upload your own images and logos to create customized content in very less time. It also has a simple video editor with drag-and-drop templates and a library full of TV ad quality footage to help you create great videos.

What’s more, it has over 1 million premium images and templates for you to share your ideas in an easy and fun way. The best part is that they are all available in their free subscription plan. Their cheapest subscription plan is $9.99.

In conclusion, animated explainer video software is indispensable for producing high-quality explainer videos. Also, these short animated videos explain the subject matter in a simple and compelling way. That is to say, the audience easily retains the information passed across in the video. In all, animated videos are rich in information and best for educating the consumer. To sum up, the explainer video software is aimed at making attractive videos to capture the attention of the viewers.


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