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10 Best Animated Videos

In this page, we have rounded up some examples of the best-animated explainer videos to look out for. Grab onto some great ideas on how to create a great animated explainer video for your business now!

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Cartoons are always an integral part of the childhood human DNA. They grab our attention more than any other, that is exactly why animated explainer videos have skyrocketed in popularity over the last few years. Using video marketing in your business is a lot more fun and easier now. Seems like with animated explainer videos things have just become easier. It is like an icing on the cake to your marketing strategy.

These videos are a great way to market your business and introduce it to your customers. Be it massive tech-giants, unique startups or friendly non-profit organizations, today all of them choose to tell their stories creatively through these videos.

They explain in a simple and precise way about what the company is and what it does, therefore, these videos have the full potential of unlocking your product or service in minutes. An animated explainer video is a great idea to create engaging visual content to keep the audience hooked hence giving the viewers an insight into the product.

Izi Animated Explainer Video

izi video is an embodiment of a magnificent storyline that sticks you to keep watching. In addition to that what else makes this video so awesome? The character outline and its animation and the colour palette used in this video is visually pleasing. Izi is your best friend during meetings and conferences, and this has been depicted in the cleanest and simplest manner in this explainer video.

In case you’re either a B2B startup and benefit or searching for the ideal video for your landing page or homepage, an animated explainer video of this kind is the correct decision to make.

Your idea deserves more than a video.

You need something that simplifies your message while captivating viewers. Something that inspires action and makes audiences fall in love with your product. Cheap tools and inconsistent agencies – they won’t get you there.

Lucky for you, WE CAN.

At Studiotale we believe every video needs to be designed carefully to get the job done. 

Whether it’s an animated video to unleash your latest product, a homepage video to make new visitors feel at home, a tutorial that makes them crazy for your solution or anything in between – we’ve got you covered.

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Slack Animated Video

This explainer video for Slack has used simple animation graphics to convey who they are. Conceptually incorporating colours from within the logo, the entire video is represented through the animation of small shapes and forms. A direct and straightforward storyline is the highlight in this animated explainer. And guess what? All that has to be conveyed is presented in less than 2 minutes in this video.

If you wish to promote your product via either Facebook or Youtube, want to introduce it to new clients or wish to include them in your sales emails seems like this type of video is a perfect example to watch.

Nextdoor Marketing Video

This animated explainer video for Nextdoor is an extraordinary case of line/stroke style movement animated video. Straightforward and clean, the reason why this video is on our list of best-animated explainer videos is that of its fascinating designs, minimalistic animation and a short and effective storyline used to disclose all that you have to know about Nextdoor.

This video is an ideal motivation if you want to make a landing page video, videos for mobile applications and for brands that keep up to their minimalistic norms in brand identity and design.

Mesosphere Isometric Video

Animated explainer video for Mesosphere is an ideal case of isometric video style that has done its activity right. First of all, simple object animation over character animation is the highlighting feature of this animation. There is an issue and mesosphere has an answer for it. The same has been spoken in the most innovative and viable way that could be available.

A video of this type is ideal for web based tech products and services such as Cloud Computing, Blockchain networks and Cryptocurrencies. They are also perfect to portray your item either on Youtube, for product presentations or related events.

NearMinder Animated Video

Forgetting your day by day errands is no more an issue with the NearMinder app at your service. This animated explainer video will let you know precisely the same. On our rundown of the best-animated explainer videos is this one due to its engaging visuals, short and sweet animation that connects with the audience and all depicted in under 60 seconds.

In case you are a mobile application startup, making an engaging animated explainer video for the play store or app store, this animated video is an absolute necessity watch.

Headspace Animation Video

This animated explainer video for headspace has humor and visual uniqueness with the usage of amusing, tiny and cute characters and drawings in order to engage the crowd. Simply lovable and to the point, this animated explainer video is rest guaranteed to keep their audience engaged throughout. Everything about the app is demonstrated in less than 2 minutes. Probably, that is the reason why this explainer video is an absolute necessity say in our list of the best.

If you are a B2C startup mobile application and wish to market your item through Facebook and Youtube, this video has a great deal of inspiration you can take.

Asana Animated Video

Words could be void sometimes without exciting visuals to enhance them. This animated explainer video for Asana is a great example of cool styles, colors and animations to portray a really simple and straightforward plot. The usage of wonderful colors is a positive highlight in this explainer. What makes it even more fascinating is the ability of this animated explainer to keep the audience captivated, letting them know everything they need to in less than a minute.

If you are either a B2B startup or have Saas merchandise to market, a video of this kind on your homepage is a perfect choice.

Kokoso Animated Video

This animated explainer video from Kokoso is a combination of a simple yet emotionally captivating storyboard. Unique character animation and pleasing colour palette make this video visually even more appealing. The usage of a fine narrative combined with a sense of adorableness rightly justifies the brand’s identity.

This video style is perfect for a B2C startup or service, and for those who wish to promote their product through online platforms such as Youtube and Facebook.

Slack Animated Video

Who said a video needs text or narrative to convey the message? Here is a perfect example of an animated explainer video that has outdone itself without any narrative or text. Interesting character design, subtle colours, and an alluring music are the other factors that took to make an animated explainer video like this.

If you have a B2B of your own and wish to market your product in an engaging way, try making a video like this to get the desired outcome.

CMO Explainer Video

This animated explainer video of CMO is on our list in light of its concept based and inventive 2D animation. This innovative animated explainer has a story that circles around a simple ball that takes you through their voyage. Moderate, with a straightforward storyline, this video should be on the rundown of the best animated explainer videos of today.

This video style is flawless hence being perfect to promote the products for B2B organizations or SaaS products.

So, these are the top 10 best animated explainer videos that we have rounded up for your to get some creative ideas from. Therefore, if you wish to make an engaging video for your company, feel free to reach out to us here . Our team of imaginative artists are rest assured to give you an engaging video that will surely surpass your goals. To browse through some of our amazing works so far, Click here.